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Start at Corfe Mullen Central Avenue. Walk takes you through lanes, small roads and woodland....
A circular, stroll-(1-2-hours) woodland walk in England starting at Corfe Mullen, Dorset, about 4.9km (roughly 3.1 miles) long and suitable for families with children, but unsuitable for prams/pushchairs, wheelchairs. By: kryten
Duration: stroll-(1-2-hours)
Distance: 4.9km (3.1 miles)
Location: Dorset, England
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Martin R S commented on walk Footsteps of The Princess Bride
Footsteps of The Princess Bride. Just noticed you have 'Man in Black confronts Buttercup' as taking place...
Martin R S commented on walk Footsteps of The Princess Bride
I'm not too sure about the location you have given in Lathkill Dale in grid square SK2165. I think SK1765...

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Henry C commented on walk The River Crane walk
Is it possible to walk from where the River Crane walk ends (at Hanworth Road) further along the river...

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Ken Morgan commented on walk Whitby to Runswick Bay
Too much at stake....i like it. Thanks for an interesting walk with good info and directions...
This route takes in a long stretch of the Quantock Hills in west Somerset....
A linear, full-day countryside walk in England starting at Combe Florey, Somerset, about 24.2km (roughly 15 miles) long and unsuitable for families with children, prams/pushchairs, wheelchairs. By: Timwoods
Duration: full-day
Distance: 24.2km (15 miles)
Location: Somerset, England
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driver 16

RETIRED, live in Colwyn Bay, N. Wales, FRIENDLY REMINDER, all walks now have photos on the walks, search...

In late 2014/early 2015 I've made an attempt to input a variety of walks. I'm a fell walker by choice...
John Walker

I prefer walks which are moderate in difficulty and length (not more than 15-20km) and can be reached...

I likes walkin' in them there 'ills....

I am a retired and enjoying getting around the countryside on new walks...

I live in Manchester and take frequent walks in the Peak District. I like to go off the beaten track...