Support the Car Free Walks website

The Car Free Walks website is an entirely not-for-profit venture. By offering our services completely free of charge, we do incur running costs.

We have to pay for our hosting package and domain registrations, set aside funds for site maintenance and developments, and we also try to promote the site as best we can using marketing materials such as posters, stickers and business cards - all sourced with as little enviromental impact as possible of course!

If you would like to support our project then please consider sponsoring one or more spaces on Our Sponsors page - either by giving us some funds to help us promote and develop the site, or by donating some goods or services that we can make use of. We have a limit of 16 spaces at any one time so you can be sure your support will be easily recognised, plus we are more than happy for you to publicise your support in any way you may choose. In return, we normally ask for goods, services or payment to the value of approximately £100 over a 12 month period. This could take the form of accountancy services, print or design, or provision of prizes for our popular quarterly prize draw.

In the period 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2014 the Car Free Walks website attracted over 128,000 unique visitors. At the same time we have been continuing to build relationships with several national organisations and writing articles for a number of publications. We therefore expect the number of visitors to increase further over the coming months.

If you are interested in sponsoring our project, or if you can help us in any other way then please do get in touch. Although be warned that we don't accept sponsorship from car companies looking to boost their green credentials. As we say, you'll have to walk the walk ...