Y Garn and The Devil's Kitchen

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Submitted by Queens Park Pete on 05 October 2007
OS Explorer Map: OL17 - Snowdon
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A circular, full-day mountain (above 600m) walk in national park Snowdonia (Wales) starting at Bangor/Llandudno Junction Stations, Clwyd, about 7.6km (roughly 4.7 miles) long and unsuitable for families with children, prams/pushchairs, wheelchairs.
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A challenging mountain walk climbing to over 3000 feet to one of Snowdonia's most distinctive mountains. The descent passes the remains of an ice age waterfall into one of Britain's most spectacular glacial cwms. There is even a snack bar at the end whilst you wait for your bus back to civilization!
Start: Bangor/Llandudno Junction Stations, OS Grid: SH650603
Elevation Profile (x: waypoint number, y: metres)
Gain (+/- 10%): 612m (2010ft)
Total (+/- 10%): 1147m (3763ft)
Loss (+/- 10%): 534m (1753ft)
Max. Elevation: 910m (2985ft)

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OS Grid: SH650603
Start of the walk Use traveline to link to the SHERPA S6 buses running to Idwal Cottage where the walk starts. From the visitor centre, pick up the main marked footpath climbing steeply south east. There is usually a mountain forecast posted at the visitor centre.
About 0.7 km (roughly 0.4 miles) from 1 OS Grid: SH646598
The footpath becomes less steep and forks sharply SW at a junction. Continue heading towards this spectacular lake surrounded by forbidding cliffs on three sides. Look to the far south western shore and you will be able to see your descent route past the Devil's Kitchen.
About 0.3 km (roughly 0.2 miles) from 2 OS Grid: SH643597
As the main path turns S, look ahead and try to pick up the faint path heading towards the steepening right hand "arm" of the mountain. Keep to the right (N) side of the watercourse. as you climb very steeply W to reach Cwm Clyd with 2 small corrie lakes ahead of you.
About 0.7 km (roughly 0.4 miles) from 3 OS Grid: SH637598
Good spot for a break here- you won't get out of the wind for the rest of the walk. If the clouds are up you should be able to see the ridge to your right leading round to the summit about another 300m above you.Vertigo sufferers watch out, the drop on the N side of the ridge is about 400m!
About 0.7 km (roughly 0.4 miles) from 4 OS Grid: SH631595
Another breather in the summit shelter after following the ridge SW then S. Fantastic views back towards the lakes below, and SW to Snowdon. Return the way you came if the weather is iffy otherwise continue carefully SE then S towards Llyn y Cwn along a rough, rocky eroded path.
About 1.1 km (roughly 0.7 miles) from 5 OS Grid: SH636584
Glyder Fawr should be looming above you as yo reach the small lake. Look for a path from the lake going E then NE entering a stony runnel.
About 0.3 km (roughly 0.2 miles) from 6 OS Grid: SH638587
Follow down the rocky ramp slanting down towards the entrance to the Devil's Kitchen (Leave that to the expert climbers!)
About 0.2 km (roughly 0.1 miles) from 7 OS Grid: SH639589
As you continue to descend towards the lake you can choose branching paths which follow either the East ot the West shore. Towering opposite to the north is Pen Yr Ole Wen.
About 0.4 km (roughly 0.2 miles) from 8 OS Grid: SH643588
Watch yourself here as you have to ford either a stream or a waterfall depending on the weather!
About 0.8 km (roughly 0.5 miles) from 9 OS Grid: SH647595
Look to the N side of the lake and you should see the path you took earlier.
About 0.8 km (roughly 0.5 miles) from 10 OS Grid: SH649603
Follow it carefully NE then NW back to the visitor centre. Loos, cake, and a hot drink, whilst you wait for the bus back to Betws y Coed or Bethesda.
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PegasusL  commented on 10 March 2015
I like this back to front....
This walk takes you to one of the 2 best views in all of Snowdonia (In my opinion anyway :-) ) Though I like to go up Devil's Kitchen, then dip my feet in the lake at the top, befre heading up Y Garn then down the other way. This way every time you look back the view just gets better and better slowly revealing the magnificent view from Y Garn summit which you then keep for most of the way down again.
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