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A Cairngorms Spectacular

A hard walk (mountain (above 600m)) in national park Cairngorms starting and finishing in Highland, Scotland, about 52.40km (32.56 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 19:00h (2 overnight stays). It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Gain 1135m (3723ft)
Loss 1150m (3772ft)
Max. Elevation 1100m (3608ft)
Elevation (total) 2285m (7495ft)
Kingussie Station
Aviemore station
Distance 52.40km
Duration ~19:00
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by GaryShipp on 20 Jun 2009
This commiting 3 day walk takes in the beautiful variety of the Cairngorms National Park. To be enjoyed in all seasons, but we choose the end of January for a wonderful winter hillwalking experience. Just make sure you pack your thermals!

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Walk Map


OS Grid NH756003
Start of the walk
Ruthven Barracks About 1.05 km (~0.65 miles) from
OS Grid NN764997
An impressive ruin with an interesting history - worth a closer look.
Leave the road here About 2.51 km (~1.56 miles) from
OS Grid NN789994
Don't miss the impressive waterfall underneath the bridge. From here, choose your route to the overnight stop at Glen Feshie Bothy.
Glen Feshie Bothy About 8.77 km (~5.45 miles) from
OS Grid NN846927
This wonderful little bothy is a credit to the Mountain Bothies Association (mountainbothies.org.uk). Please leave it as you find it, if not even nicer!
River Feshie About 5.02 km (~3.12 miles) from
OS Grid NN880890
Follow the back of the river upstream and as with all of the Scottish uplands, don't underestimate potential difficulties in crossing the numerous tribuatries to the main river.
Metal bridge About 3.37 km (~2.09 miles) from
OS Grid NN913886
Cross the stream here
Cnapan Mor - 893m About 3.39 km (~2.11 miles) from
OS Grid NN939908
Your first reall summit of the trip isn't particularly impressive a hill, but affords stunning views in all directions.
Monadh Mor - 1113m About 2.67 km (~1.66 miles) from
OS Grid NN939935
The easterly view down Glen Geasachan could inspire a poet, whilst to the north the Cairngorm plateau broods.
The Devil's Point About 3.95 km (~2.45 miles) from
OS Grid NN975952
So named for reasons only folklore can explain, but you may be cursing Old Nicks very name as you see the descent you now have in store . .
Corrour Bothy About 0.81 km (~0.5 miles) from
OS Grid NN981958
This wonderful little bothy will provide you a cosey night of sleep. The coseyness will depend on however many other people you might be sharing with! Take delight and care of the compost toilet.
Lairig Gru About 0.41 km (~0.25 miles) from
OS Grid NN985957
This historical route spans the heart of the Cairngorms, from the Linn of Dee in the s.outh to CoylumBridge in the north. Turn left.
Pools of Dee - About 5.02 km (~3.12 miles) from
OS Grid NH973006
From this watershed, the rest of the walk (or most of it at least!) is down.
Rothiemurcus Estate About 5.73 km (~3.56 miles) from
OS Grid NH949058
What a beautiful contrast between the mountains and this wonderfully preserved ancient woodland. Enjoy the sweet scent of pine as you continue your descent.
Loch au Eilein About 5.35 km (~3.32 miles) from
OS Grid NH900080
Stroll along the banks.
Aviemore Station About 4.35 km (~2.7 miles) from
OS Grid NH895123
For trains south to Glasgow and northwards towards Inverness.

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28 Dec 2014
Devil's Point

Thanks for the update guys. I think the snow/frozen ground might almost be necessary, as Glen Geusachan is apparently quite boggy with all those water sources flowing in!

27 Dec 2014
Devil's Point

Glad you like the sound of the walk Anton, it was a fantastic trip. We did it in winter conditions with a good 6 inches plus snow on the ground. Due to failing light, we dropped into Glen Geusachan and made our way to Corrour bothy over rough ground (the fact it was frozen probably helped us make good progress). As you say, there is no clear path marked on the map between points 8 and 9, but looking at the route on the ground and the features on the map it looks possible with some astute map reading and navigation. However, might good to get this confirmed before committing yourself to it.

26 Dec 2014
Devil's Point

Hi Anton, it's a long walk round on the ridge so my guess is you drop down into Glen Geusachan, and climb the Devil's Point from Corrour (dropping bags off on the way!). I haven't done this walk, but I know you can ascend the Devil's Point from there. I've emailed the walk creator as well to ask him to confirm the route.

24 Dec 2014
Point 8 To Point 9

Hi, Just having a look at this one on Bing Maps with the full 1:25000 maps and I can't see a clear path between points 8 and 9. How is this one done? The walk looks class btw, really want to do it, but just want to clarify this one bit! Cheers, Anton

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