A coastal classic - Scarborough to Filey

Submitted by Timwoods on 16 January 2010
OS Explorer Maps: 301 - Scarborough, Bridlington & Flamborough HeadOL27 - North York Moors
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A linear, full-day coast walk in England starting at Scarborough, North Yorkshire, about 14.1km (roughly 8.7 miles) long and unsuitable for families with children, prams/pushchairs, wheelchairs.
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Being a collection of islands, Britain is spoilt when it comes to coastal scenery. But this section in the northeast of Yorkshire still takes some beating. There is some fantastic scenery, especially around Cayton Bay, a popular surfing spot. The walk is also part of the Cleveland Way National Trail. Regular buses run between the two towns, making it easy to undertake in either direction.
Start: Scarborough, OS Grid: TA039884
End: Filey, OS Grid: TA119806
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301 - Scarborough, Bridlington & Flamborough Head (buy with 10% off)
OL27 - North York Moors (buy with 10% off)
Elevation Profile (x: waypoint number, y: metres)
Gain (+/- 10%): 243m (797ft)
Total (+/- 10%): 510m (1674ft)
Loss (+/- 10%): 267m (877ft)
Max. Elevation: 80m (262ft)

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A half-day coast walk in from Filey Railway/Bus Station, England, 7.7km (~4.8m) long.
A stroll-(1-2-hours) coast walk in from Speeton Churchyard, England, 11.4km (~7.1m) long.
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OS Grid: TA039884
From the town centre, head towards the road - it's pretty well signposted. You can also visit the ruined castle before the walk if you like - it's on the small outcrop northeast of the town centre.
About 0.5 km (roughly 0.3 miles) from 1 OS Grid: TA044884
The first section is along the southern town beach, South Sands. Walk on the sand or the pavement heading south!
About 1.4 km (roughly 0.8 miles) from 2 OS Grid: TA049871
You leave the town as you reach Black Rocks - still lots of seaview hotels though! Continue past White Nab and Cornelian Bay along the Cleveland Way.
About 2.4 km (roughly 1.5 miles) from 3 OS Grid: TA064853
This vast sandy bay is the highlight of the walk in terms of scenery. Managed by the National Trust, it's makes a beautiful lunch stop!
About 2.2 km (roughly 1.4 miles) from 4 OS Grid: TA083841
The walk continues past some spectacularly rocky coastal scenery - Castle Rocks and Yons Nab near Lebberston Cliff. Pick your way down the cliff to the shore for some good old-fashioned rock-pooling. Limpets count for 1 point, crabs 5.
About 2.3 km (roughly 1.4 miles) from 5 OS Grid: TA101827
Carry on along past The Wyke, sticking to the Cleveland Way. It's a bit quieter along this section, so a chance to enjoy those sea views in a bit of peace and quiet.
About 2.7 km (roughly 1.7 miles) from 6 OS Grid: TA125816
This promontory juts right out to the sea. It's beloved of many locals, who come here to birdwatch, dive, fish, climb and look for fossils. So whatever you fancy, it's worth making it this far! Be aware that the cliffs on the northern side are pretty precarious, and the tide cuts bits off at times.
About 1.3 km (roughly 0.8 miles) from 7 OS Grid: TA118804
Finish the walk by continuing into the town of Filey, where there are pubs and cafes a-plenty, and regular buses back to Scarborough. It's also a popular holiday resort, with plenty of accommodation options.
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Acatia  commented on 05 September 2012
Silly Question...
Hi, This might be a silly question but I'm quite new to walking and was just wondering how easy it is to reverse this walk? I have to get a bus back from Scarborough to Leeds so would ideally get to Filey and do the walk backwards. I get lost very easily so just wanted to check how well it is signposted/how easy the route is to follow! Thanks
Timwoods  commented on 06 September 2012
Filey to Scarborough? Easy
Hallo It's easy to do it the other way - just get a bus or train to Filey, and keep the sea on your right! Our walks tend to finish where there are more transport connections, to avoid leaving people stranded in the wilds, but in this case it's fine whichever way you head. Enjoy! Tim
Acatia  commented on 09 September 2012
Thanks! I'm going to try it this week. Is there a link to a clearer map anywhere, I'm struggling to get a full page version of this one to take with me, just in case? Acatia
Timwoods  commented on 15 September 2012
Map for walk
Hallo, we recommend people buy an OS map to take with them - ours are to show the route only, not really suitable for navigation. You can buy one with a discount from Aqua3 - click on the link showing a map at the top of the page.
Barnze  commented on 12 March 2013
Dog walk
Is this a good walk for a huskey?
Timwoods  commented on 14 March 2013
I can't think of any reason why not, although it would depend on the huskey of course.
Raymond  commented on 17 April 2013
cycling this route
Hello Please can you tell me if this route is suitable for cycling along - cheers, Ray
natterbags  commented on 17 April 2014
bus walks
what a brill idea especially as i can walk so far and bus back ,to bus to where i finished in my own time and spread it out over a few days or another visit which is a good excuse to return to Scarborough for a mini holiday
Samuel  commented on 03 September 2016
Scarborough to Filey
Does this walk have a lot of gradients and is it mostly Cliff top pathway Thanks Sam
Timwoods  commented on 18 September 2016
Hi Sam, You can check the gradients on the elevation profile, near the top of this page. There are quite a few ups and downs, but none that are overly high. And yes, most of the route runs along the clifftop path, with a bit of road walking at the start and finish. Tim
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