Ladybower from Bamford via High Neb

Submitted by GaryShipp on 26 June 2010
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A circular, full-day low hills and fells (below 600m) walk in England starting at Bamford, Derbyshire, about 20km (roughly 13 miles) long and unsuitable for families with children, prams/pushchairs, wheelchairs. A varied walk of beauty - both natural and man-made. Start: Bamford, OS Grid: SK208825 Elevation Profile (x: waypoint number, y: metres)
Gain (+/- 10%): 533m (1750ft)
Total (+/- 10%): 1066m (3498ft)
Loss (+/- 10%): 533m (1748ft)
Max. Elevation: 450m (1476ft)

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OL1 - The Peak District
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OS Grid: SK208825
Start of the walk
OS Grid: SK210827
Leave the steepen road via a footpath on your right.
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 2 OS Grid: SK223833
There are quite a maze of path junctions in the area, ultimately you are heading for the obvious high point to your north and a combination of path and road will take you there.
About 2 km (roughly 2 miles) from 3 OS Grid: SK227853
Stop, turn around, and take it in.
About 3 km (roughly 2 miles) from 4 OS Grid: SK231878
On reaching the tarmac, turn left along the road and then right up a track after 500m or so.
About 2 km (roughly 1 miles) from 5 OS Grid: SK215879
Head up the hill in a westerly direction, crossing the stream and continuing to gain height.
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 6 OS Grid: SK203880
As the view of the reservoir opens out, head straight on towards the northern edge of the plantation.
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 7 OS Grid: SK192883
Skirt this on the northern side and continue to follow the path towards the water.
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 8 OS Grid: SK186883
At the bottom of the path, turn right along the road.
About 2 km (roughly 2 miles) from 9 OS Grid: SK194864
Walk along the road for just about 1km, or take the track to the north towards the Ladybower Inn for a short excursion towards refreshments.
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 10 OS Grid: SK202862
Cross the water here.
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 11 OS Grid: SK199854
Ladybower was built between 1935 and 1943 and took a further two years to fill. The Dam differs from its two close relatives of Derwent and Howden Reservoirs as it is a clay cored earth embankment, and not a solid masonry dam, as the others. It does have an amazing plug hole though . . .
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 12 OS Grid: SK197850
Take this waymarked path towards Thornhill village.
About 2 km (roughly 1 miles) from 13 OS Grid: SK199834
Continue through the hamlet on the waymarked path leading towards Bamford.
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 14 OS Grid: SK201829
At the lane, turn left and walk along the road, crossing the river and then turning right back to the station.
About 1 km (roughly 1 miles) from 15 OS Grid: SK207825
The end of the walk.
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