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A moderate walk (countryside) in national park Snowdonia in Clwyd, Wales, about 9.81km (6.10 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 3:00h. It is suitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Gain 87m (285ft)
Loss 90m (295ft)
Max. Elevation 110m (360ft)
Elevation (total) 177m (580ft)
Start & End
Distance 9.81km
Duration ~3:00
Ordnance Survey Map
1Created by driver 16 on 03 Oct 2011
Nice countryside walk, all on tarmac (the book of walks I was using was a little dated; distinct lack of signposts for first part of walk, so decided to stay on tarmac roads which I know quite well). Nice for cycles and families with pushchairs (families - observe the Highway Code - single file, righthand side of road facing the oncoming traffic, if you have hi-vis jackets, wear them). See Flickr for photos of interesting places and views.

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A leisurely, circular walk (countryside) starting in Clwyd, Wales, about 5.41km (3.36 mi) long, duration: ~2:00h.

Red John's Chair

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A leisurely, circular walk (low hills and fells (below 600m)) starting in Clwyd, Wales, about 2.90km (1.80 mi) long, duration: ~1:15h.

Conway Mountain

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A leisurely, circular walk (low hills and fells (below 600m)) starting in Clwyd, Wales, about 6.78km (4.21 mi) long, duration: ~2:30h.

Walk Map


OS Grid SH787716
Trains and buses run from Llandudno; connections at Llandudno Junction for places east and west along the North Wales coast. From the station, head for road bridge over River Conwy and waypoint 2.
End of bridge About 0.37 km (~0.23 miles) from
OS Grid SH785719
Turn right, stay on road. Look for the cottage in the trees. Stay on the road; look for the entrance to 'Tymorfa Stud', then admire the panoramic views over the river towards the coast. Stay on the road to waypoint 3.
Groes Inn About 2.34 km (~1.45 miles) from
OS Grid SH776740
Cross the road to pass in front of The Groes Inn. Then take the first right, signposted for Rowen, which heads to waypoint 4.
Picture postcard church About 0.76 km (~0.47 miles) from
OS Grid SH771735
Need I say more? Stay on the road to waypoint 5.
Conway Water Garden About 0.84 km (~0.52 miles) from
OS Grid SH767727
Fishing, aquatics, reptiles, "Dutch Pancake House", restaurant, etc. Stay on the road into Rowen and bear right at junction to find the Ty Gwyn (white house) Pub, waypoint 6.
Ty Gwyn pub About 1.08 km (~0.67 miles) from
OS Grid SH758721
Time for refreshments? Once refreshed, re-trace your steps to the footbridge on the right - only about 50 yards - but stay on the road and bear right at the junction to the local school. Pass the school and stay on the road for waypoint 7.
2nd junction on right. About 1.09 km (~0.68 miles) from
OS Grid SH763711
Bear left, still on the road. Pass through Pontwgan, heading for waypoint 8.
Caerhun Hall About 1.00 km (~0.62 miles) from
OS Grid SH772707
Turn left onto main road, and walk up to the Red Lion pub. More refreshments?
Red Lion pub About 0.98 km (~0.61 miles) from
OS Grid SH774716
From the pub, turn right, heading downhill. This will bring you back to the bridge, waypoint 10.
Bridge About 1.09 km (~0.68 miles) from
OS Grid SH785718
Cross again to finish walk.
Station About 0.26 km (~0.16 miles) from
OS Grid SH787716
End of the walk, well done.

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