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    Winter Walks For 2017

    Our selection for where to head during the colder months
    Winter can throw up a few challenges for the car-free walker.Bus or train services might not run as frequently as in the summer months, and waiting for the bus in sub-zero temperatures is less appealing than at other times of the year.

    About Us

    This site is run by a group of keen walkers who love the outdoors and are concerned about the environmental impacts of cars.
    Our website provides hundreds of free, easy-to-use walking guides that describe the best UK walks reachable by bus and train, coach and ferry.Our routes differ from other websites: we don't go for the "pass-the-small-rock-on-your-left" level of detail.

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    Win An Ordnance Survey Custom Made Map

    Each quarter we enter everyone who submits a car-free walk to our website into a prize draw to win some goodies.
    For the January to March 2017 prize draw we will be giving away an Ordnance Survey Custom Made personalised map worth £16.99 to three lucky individuals. Ideal for anyone who loves the countryside, you can now get a personalised map direct from Ordnance Survey.

    Richard Moore
    31 Dec 2016

    Not The Most Inspiring
    Walk: Littleport to Ely along the River Cam

    A couple of tips to make it a more enjoyable walk; If you're walking on a bright winters afternoon the sun can be blinding.Better to do littleport to Ely as the sun will be at your backs.Secondly if you do walk littleport to ely (which is better due to frequency of trains).

    30 Dec 2016

    Arthur's Seat
    Walk: Edinburgh's volcano

    Simply a must when in Edinburgh.We were very lucky with the weather but boy is it windy up there.Beautiful!

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    A leisurely, linear walk (low hills and fells (below 600m)) starting in Derbyshire, England, about 8.41km (5.23 mi) long, duration: ~2:45h.
    8.4km (5.2 miles)
    Derbyshire, England