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Twickenham to Putney

A moderate walk (riverside) starting and finishing in Surrey, England, about 11.96km (7.43 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 3:00. It is suitable for prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs, but unsuitable for families with children.
Elevation Profile
Gain 4m (13ft)
Loss 5m (16ft)
Max. Elevation 20m (65ft)
Elevation (total) 9m (29ft)
Putney Station
Distance 11.96km
Duration ~3:00
Ordnance Survey Map
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 18 Jul 2007
This riverside walk takes in some of the nicest stretches of the Thames Path. There are several points of interest along the way, and good pubs as well for refreshments.

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Walk Map


OS Grid TQ159735
Start of the walk
River Thames About 0.53 km (~0.33 miles) from
OS Grid TQ163732
Turn left out of the station and head towards Twickenham town centre. You should soon see the river Thames in front of you.
Richmond Bridge About 1.86 km (~1.16 miles) from
OS Grid TQ177744
Follow the path along the Thames, which passes a couple of nice pubs and two large parks. When you get to Richmond Bridge (the first one you meet) go up the steps and cross to the other side of the river.
Kew Gardens About 3.33 km (~2.07 miles) from
OS Grid TQ186776
Follow the Thames on the same side of the river. You will soon come up alongside Kew Gardens.
Putney Bridge About 5.78 km (~3.59 miles) from
OS Grid TQ241755
The Thames path follows both sides of the river, so you can walk along either side. There are several attractive bridges along here, and you will also pass Fulham FC, Putney rowing club, and some very nice houses!
Finish About 0.46 km (~0.29 miles) from
OS Grid TQ245758
From Putney Bridge, you can get home from Putney Bridge Tube Station(north side). Alternatively, head up Putney High Street for East Putney Tube Station or Putney railway station.

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16 Oct 2007
A Great Way To See London

The Thames Path is a great way to see London without going near roads. Plus, once you are on the path you can't get lost and you can add extra or leave the walk early as you pass near lots of train stations along the way.

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