Good Journey grows as car-free interest rises   

Frome-based non-profit social enterprise Good Journey has just doubled in size.

July 2019 - 

Growing its small, friendly team to four employees, this expansion reflects the growth of public interest in sustainable, car-free leisure travel. With climate change increasingly in the news, people are keener than ever to find ways to reduce their personal impact.

Since launching in 2018 Good Journey has been working hard to promote car-free travel by focusing on a simple approach that:

  • helps more people enjoy car-free adventures
  • partners with amazing UK attractions thatwelcome car-free visitors
  • rewards car-free visitors with up to 50% off attractions
  • provides simple, helpful guides on reaching great places without a car.

Jez Booker and Caryl Hodgson have joined the team to help Good Journey spread their eco-friendly message. Nat Taplin, Good Journey’s director, says he’s excited about them joining. “We’re a small, passionate team with big ambitions and our focus this year is on raising our profile and gaining more Good Journey Mark attractions. With better marketing, we hope to bring more people to our website and social media to gain inspiration for car-free adventures.”

Good Journey are also expanding their network of attractions that welcome car-free visitors with special offers. Some big names have already shown their support and jumped onboard, including Blenheim Palace. Since joining Good Journey, it has seen an impressive increase of more than 300% in car-free visitors.

Why go car-free?

Travelling without a car to locations outside of big cities can be daunting for some people, and tourist attractions often prioritise cars in the travel directions on their websites. Good Journey offers simple door-to-door travel directions for car-free visitors, making it easier for everyone to get to great places.One in four households in the UK don’t own a car. This means there’s a huge number of people who can now enjoy a cheap day out more easily, using Good Journey offers. 

Attractions benefit by gaining visitors that might otherwise not have reached them. Encouraging peopleto arrive by train, bus, bike and on foot, also helps to reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, car-free visitors tend to spend more money when they visit an attraction, so it’s great for business as well as the planet. 

Jez Booker, Marketing Manager, said “Travelling car-free to many visitor attractions and destinations can be easier than you think and more fun!  If we can shift just 1 in 100 day trips out of cars, it will save as much CO2 as taking 50,000 cars off the road.”

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