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The western side of Nidderdale

A moderate walk (low hills and fells (below 600m)) starting and finishing in North Yorkshire, England, about 11.70km (7.27 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 4:00h. It is suitable for families with children, but unsuitable for prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 245m (803ft)
Descent 228m (748ft)
Max. Elevation 350m (1148ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 473m (1551ft)
Pateley Bridge
Distance 11.70km
Duration ~4:00h
Ordnance Survey Map
Created by Anonymous Walker on 07 Sep 2013
Nidderdale is an aptly named area of outstanding natural beauty. It's a wonderful place, perhaps the finest outside of our National Parks... open for debate, that one. This walk heads from Summerbridge around the western side of the dale, although the plethora of footpaths make a circular walk easy as well. The Nidderdale Rambler bus passes through Summerbridge; Pateley Bridge has more options for public transport, so better to finish here.

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OS Grid SE201624
Take the bus to Summerbridge, in Nidderdale.
OS Grid SE196620
Follow the path out through Dacre Bridge, heading west.
About 0.58 km (~0.36 miles) from
OS Grid SE172618
Go west, life is peaceful there. And it will take you to Heyshaw, further along the Nidderdale Way. At Heyshaw, you can continue along the Nidderdale Way or take the footpath heading southwest for a long exploration of Nidderdale.
About 2.43 km (~1.51 miles) from
OS Grid SE161610
Stay away from the road by following the dogleg footpath via Fouldshaw House farm.
About 1.37 km (~0.85 miles) from
OS Grid SE140612
Out on to the moor and off to Palleys Crags.
About 2.03 km (~1.26 miles) from
OS Grid SE140623
Beyond the crags, pick up the bridleway across the moor.
About 1.08 km (~0.67 miles) from
OS Grid SE150637
Continue heading roughly north and down into the dale and Pateley Bridge.
About 1.70 km (~1.06 miles) from
OS Grid SE156643
Options again; head into Pateley Bridge for a beer, or return to Summerbridge via our old friend the Nidderdale Way. Your choice, but I know what I'm doing.
About 0.90 km (~0.56 miles) from
OS Grid SE155653
Follow the road into Pateley Bridge, past the cricket ground.
About 0.96 km (~0.6 miles) from
OS Grid SE158656
Finish up in Pateley Bridge where buses connect to Summerbridge.
About 0.39 km (~0.24 miles) from

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