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Egham to Addlestone

A moderate walk (city/town) starting and finishing in Surrey, England, about 10.00km (6.21 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 2:45h. It is suitable for families with children, but unsuitable for prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 6m (19ft)
Descent 7m (22ft)
Max. Elevation 30m (98ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 13m (41ft)
Egham Station
Distance 10.00km
Duration ~2:45h
6Created by stevecumber on 12 Sep 2013
A short flat walk through town, village and countryside, with a glimpse of the spectacular Thorpe Park rides. A good walk for a brisk winter's day.

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Walk Map

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OS Grid TQ010710
Exit the station, cross the road and continue down Rusham Road opposite. After a while opposite North Street you will see a footbridge over the railway on your left. Go over it and then turn right onto the footpath. Continue ahead until you reach a crossing path. Turn right and then shortly left to emerge onto Prune Hill.
OS Grid TQ004701
Once on the road turn right until the road turns sharply left. Here go straight on along a footpath. This path doglegs near a wood and a stream and continues on until it emerges onto Stroude Road.
About 1.07 km (~0.66 miles) from
OS Grid TQ011694
To your left is the ancient Manor House of Great Fosters, now a hotel and conference centre. However we continue straight ahead on another footpath. We cross the M25 by means of a footbridge and on the other side shortly reach the Thorpe By-pass.
About 1.00 km (~0.62 miles) from
OS Grid TQ017692
Continue ahead down the now truncated Muckhatch Lane and after a short while take a footpath on the left. This path emerges in Thorpe village.Turn right along Village Road, follow it through the village and then turn left onto Clockhouse Lane.Next to the Village Hall take a footpath on the right.
About 0.66 km (~0.41 miles) from
OS Grid TQ024687
This footpath is an intriguing one in that it passes next to Thorpe Park, one of England's best known theme parks.Many of the exotic and outlandish rides are visible from this path. Eventually we emerge on the busy A320 road. Cross with care and enter Chertsey via St. Ann's Road.
About 0.84 km (~0.52 miles) from
OS Grid TQ036673
Follow St. Ann's Road into the town centre and take lunch at Thyme At The Tavern, also known as the The Town Hall Tavern, an excellent hostellry open 1200-1430. Suitably refreshed, continue on through the town along London Road and Bridge Road until you reach Chertsey Bridge
About 1.81 km (~1.12 miles) from
OS Grid TQ053666
Just before the bridge turn right passed a new development and then fork left along a path which takes you across Chertsey Meads.The path then skirts Woburn Park and the prestigious St. George's College. After passing through Meadowlands mobile home park you emerge onto the main road.
About 1.83 km (~1.14 miles) from
OS Grid TQ061649
Turn right along the main road for a short while until you reach a roundabout. Turn left here and then along Station Road into Addlestone.
About 1.86 km (~1.16 miles) from
OS Grid TQ056648
The walk finishes at Addlestone station. Trains every 30 minutes will return to Egham.
About 0.54 km (~0.34 miles) from

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John Duncan
29 Sep 2018
Egham To Addlestone

3. At the end of the path through Thorpe Park, I think it should say 'Eventually reach the M3. Follow the path round to the left. Walk parallel to the M3 for a short distance and then hold to the left. Emerge on the busy A320 road. Turn left, cross the bridge over the M3 and take the path down to the left on the other side of the bridge. Continue on this until you meet St. Ann's Road.'

John Duncan
29 Sep 2018
Ogham To Auddlestone

2. Where it says 'Clockhouse Lane' it should say 'Coldharbour Lane.'

John Duncan
29 Sep 2018
Ogham To Auddlestone

It's a great walk but three comments.
1. I agree with Janet that the part of the walk between Prune Hill and Stroud Road is impassible. There is a gate next to a house when you leave Prune Hill, which looks promising, but it leads into a field which is bounded by streams that as as far as I can see cannot be crossed. I ended up taking another track which brings you out further down Stroud Road.

Tim Woods
04 Sep 2017
Which Bit?

Hi Janet, thanks for the feedback. Which bit exactly is causing the problem? Between which waypoints? If you can clarify we can ask the walk submitter if he knows.


Janet Lynn Joscelyne
28 Aug 2017
Walk Egham To Addlestone

We recently moved to Thorpe Village TW20 8TE and we have been discovering the walk from Egham to ADdlestone. But mostly starting in Thorpe Village and working our way north to Egham. We found the Thorpe Bypass and the footbridge across the M25 and then the field to Stroude Rd and the footpath almost across the Stroude Rd. to Prune Hill. This leg is unpassaable. Anybody know about this?

What do you think?

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