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Mold walk - Daniel Owen

A leisurely walk (city/town) in Flintshire, Wales, about 3.20km (1.99 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 0:45h. It is suitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 33m (108ft)
Descent 34m (111ft)
Max. Elevation 140m (459ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 67m (219ft)
Start & End
Distance 3.20km
Duration ~0:45h
Ordnance Survey Map
1Created by driver 16 on 21 Oct 2013
Walk back in time and discover a little about the history of Mold, established as a settlement in Norman times and home to one of Wales' most famous sons, Daniel Owen (1836-1895), the first major author of his time to write in Welsh (all but his first book have now been translated). He was a renowned preacher and a friend of the common people. Buildings in the town have assorted architecture from different periods. 

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OS Grid SJ238640
There is an office where you can pick up a free copy of the Mold Town Trail.
OS Grid SJ238640
Turn left, cross the road and see a sign for Tesco supermarket.
About 0.05 km (~0.03 miles) from
OS Grid SJ239640
Walk round to the back of the store, then pass in front of the main entrance to the far end of the main car park.
About 0.10 km (~0.06 miles) from
OS Grid SJ241637
Turn right, passing a football field on your right, then turn left into the cemetery, Daniel's grave is in the first row on the right (it is signed). After viewing, exit the same way.
About 0.32 km (~0.2 miles) from
OS Grid SJ238635
Cross at the pelican crossing, then turn right and head up Wrexham Street.
About 0.39 km (~0.24 miles) from
OS Grid SJ237638
Turn left, to see the back of Bethesda chapel.
About 0.36 km (~0.22 miles) from
OS Grid SJ237638
Admire the architecture of the chapel, particularly the obelisk tribute to Reverend Edwards and a blue plaque for Daniel.
About 0.07 km (~0.04 miles) from
OS Grid SJ236639
This is very impressive. In the nearby museum (in the library on your right) there are full-size examples of rooms from Daniel's era. Also a replica of Mold Gold Cape (the original is now in Wrexham museum). Exit right, then left into High Street.
About 0.08 km (~0.05 miles) from
OS Grid SJ236641
There are restricted opening times for this church; check www.visitmold.com
About 0.24 km (~0.15 miles) from
OS Grid SJ235642
Turn right; if you wish to climb Bailey Hill, it is just on the left after the centre. If not, head straight on to find a stone marking Daniel's birthplace over the road on the right, and his house on the left opposite the stone.
About 0.11 km (~0.07 miles) from
OS Grid SJ235643
Take in the atmosphere, then go straight ahead to the main road.
About 0.10 km (~0.06 miles) from
OS Grid SJ235644
Turn right, and it's a short walk back into town, past a field of horses (at least there were horses when I went).
About 0.16 km (~0.1 miles) from
OS Grid SJ238642
Keep heading past the field.
About 0.35 km (~0.22 miles) from
OS Grid SJ239640
Turn right to head back to the bus station.
About 0.28 km (~0.17 miles) from
OS Grid SJ238640
If you visit on livestock market day, listen for the auctioneers, who have been operating since 1879. I hope you enjoyed the walk.
About 0.10 km (~0.06 miles) from

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