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West Blean Woods from Herne Common

A leisurely walk (woodland) starting and finishing in Kent, England, about 7.20km (4.47 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 2:00h. It is suitable for families with children, but unsuitable for prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 15m (49ft)
Descent 13m (42ft)
Max. Elevation 70m (229ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 28m (91ft)
Herne Common
Broad Oak
Distance 7.20km
Duration ~2:00h
Created by Anonymous Walker on 03 Nov 2013
This walk passes through some wonderful woodland scenery in Kent. Starting at Herne Common, pass through the wildlife-rich woodland before finishing at Broad Oak on the southern side of the wood. Herne Common and Broad Oak are served by regular buses between Herne Bay and Canterbury, so this is an easy linear walk. You can continue the walk right into Canterbury for a full day out. Blean Heritage Group has more walks in this area: www.theblean.co.uk/visiting-the-blean/walking/

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Walk Map

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OS Grid TR175652
Take the bus to Herne Common.
OS Grid TR173649
Follow the road heading southwest and turn off at Braggs Lane, which leads to the woods.
About 0.38 km (~0.24 miles) from
OS Grid TR167645
Follow the lane past the campsite and into West Blean woods at Bleansgate.
About 0.64 km (~0.4 miles) from
OS Grid TR159636
Follow the path through West Blean Wood, a beautiful old deciduous woodland.
About 1.17 km (~0.73 miles) from
OS Grid TR152631
Veer westwards through the woods, into Thornden Wood, which along with West Blean Wood is managed by the Wildlife Trust: www.wildlifetrusts.org/reserves/west-blean-wood
About 0.94 km (~0.58 miles) from
OS Grid TR146616
As you head south towards Honey Wood, leave via the footpaths to the open countryside.
About 1.60 km (~0.99 miles) from
OS Grid TR156620
Pick up the track to Mayton Farm, where there is a footpath leading to Broad Oak.
About 1.09 km (~0.68 miles) from
OS Grid TR167614
Finish up in Broad Oak, which has regular buses. The Golden Lion is a good spot for a pint while you wait for the bus.
About 1.19 km (~0.74 miles) from

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