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Suburban Leeds stroll

A moderate walk (countryside) starting and finishing in Leeds, England, about 15.70km (9.76 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 5:00h. It is suitable for families with children, but unsuitable for prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 237m (777ft)
Descent 134m (439ft)
Max. Elevation 200m (656ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 371m (1216ft)
Cottingley railway station
Distance 15.70km
Duration ~5:00h
2Created by mac.hawk on 22 Oct 2015
A countryside wander in the green belt between Leeds & Bradford. Rail service on the Leeds Huddersfield line hourly Mon-Sat. Bus No 55 from Leeds or Morley half hourly Mon-Sat, stops directly at rail station. Buses 51/52 stop (every 10 mins) 1/3rd mile from Cottingley rail station. Return buses from Pudsey very regular back into Leeds. Hourly Mon-Sat No9 bus back to Cottingley area

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Walk Map

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OS Grid SE272303
Take the train or bus to Cottingley railway station and exit the station on Platform 1. Go through the car park & down Digpal Road to the junction and turn right along a wide track.
OS Grid SE271301
Follow the track around the field and take the subway under the noisy M621.
About 0.20 km (~0.12 miles) from
OS Grid SE269303
Once through the subway turn left & follow a path that runs adjacent the disused railway line on your right through 2 fields. When you reach a track turn right passing 'under' the old railway bridge.
About 0.30 km (~0.19 miles) from
OS Grid SE258300
Shortly reach Geldard Road and turn left for 1/4 mile to reach an unwaymarked bridleway track that descends briefly before rising for 1/2 mile into a fenced path and reach Wood Lane.
About 1.11 km (~0.69 miles) from
OS Grid SE253306
Upon reaching the tarmac road that is Wood Lane turn left for 1/2 to reach the A58 (Whitehall Road).
About 0.83 km (~0.52 miles) from
OS Grid SE246307
Directly cross the road and continue ahead along a path between housing on the right and open field on the left. The path runs for about 200yds before turning right into Castle Ings Gardens.
About 0.73 km (~0.45 miles) from
OS Grid SE245309
At the road turn left and follow into Low Moor Side. Cross the road & take the brick road directly ahead for a few yards to see a stile on the left leading into a field.
About 0.24 km (~0.15 miles) from
OS Grid SE245312
Cross the stile and turn immediately left to shortly a cross second stile. Cross & follow the path across the field ahead to a wide gate & briefly enter a wide track that leads to Back Lane.
About 0.27 km (~0.17 miles) from
OS Grid SE240312
Turn right & follow Back Lane for 1/3rd mile towards Park Side Farm. At the farms access road entrance take a waymarked footpath that rises the hill & follow the path/road for 3/4 mile to Hall Lane.
About 0.50 km (~0.31 miles) from
OS Grid SE243325
Upon reaching Hall Lane turn left downhill, to reach Tong Road junction. A waymarked footpath on the far side of Tong Road heads downhill towards Post Hill.
About 1.35 km (~0.84 miles) from
OS Grid SE239325
Enter the woodland & turn right, keeping to the high ground. After 1/4 mile take a path that descends rapidly to reach Pudsey Beck. Once at low level turn left & follow the beck to Troydale Lane.
About 0.40 km (~0.25 miles) from
OS Grid SE239324
Upon reaching the road turn right for 50 yards before crossing the road and taking the waymaked path that continues to follow the beck for a little over 1/2 mile to reach Roker Lane.
About 0.12 km (~0.07 miles) from
OS Grid SE237316
At Roker Lane turn right for 100 yards to cross the road and take a waymarked path that continues to follow Pudsey Beck.
About 0.78 km (~0.48 miles) from
OS Grid SE221316
Follow the beck for approx 1 1/4 miles - upon reaching the Golf Course keep to the left hand edge to soon reach an obvious meeting of several tracks/paths at the end of Keeper Lane.
About 1.58 km (~0.98 miles) from
OS Grid SE218315
At the obvious meeting of several tracks keep following Pudsey Beck upstream (on your left) for half a mile. After crossing an open field reach more cross tacks by a footbridge over the beck.
About 0.27 km (~0.17 miles) from
OS Grid SE213318
Don't cross the footbridge. Turn right a few yards then left into woodland and take the path that always runs nearest the beck to reach a footbridge over the beck on the left.
About 0.60 km (~0.37 miles) from
OS Grid SE210321
Cross the footbridge and take the path that heads ahead, slightly left, uphill, through the woodland of Black Carr Woods for about a mile to reach the trig point at Tyersal Gate.
About 0.41 km (~0.25 miles) from
OS Grid SE197317
Upon reaching the road turn right for a couple of hundred yards then right again down Tyersal Lane.
About 1.39 km (~0.86 miles) from
OS Grid SE194319
Follow Tyersal Lane for about 1 1/2 miles to reach Black Hey Farm and the old railway line.
About 0.32 km (~0.2 miles) from
OS Grid SE207325
Immediately beyond the farm take a path on the right that ascends to the old railway line and follow for 1/3 mile then exit to the right just before a bridge.
About 1.47 km (~0.91 miles) from
OS Grid SE211325
Join a path that rises upWindmill Hill to reach Smalewell Road (currently by the Fox and Grapes pub) and turn right & follow Smalewell Road for 1/3rd mile to it's junction with Greenside.
About 0.36 km (~0.22 miles) from
OS Grid SE216327
Turn left along Greenside for 200 yards to reach the T-junction. Turn right along Chapeltown heading towards the parish church.
About 0.59 km (~0.37 miles) from
OS Grid SE219330
From the church you can take the road left, right or go through the church yard - all lead to an entrance into Pudsey Park.
About 0.44 km (~0.27 miles) from
OS Grid SE223333
Amble through the park to reach the bus station. Walk's about 12 miles as there's a lot of meandering that this website can't quite reflect.
About 0.46 km (~0.29 miles) from

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