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St. Justinian to St. David coast path

A leisurely walk (coast) in national park Pembrokeshire Coast in Pembrokeshire, Wales, about 8.30km (5.16 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 2:45h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 152m (498ft)
Descent 60m (196ft)
Max. Elevation 70m (229ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 212m (694ft)
Start & End
Treginnis-uchaf, Pembrokeshire, Wales, SA62 6RS
Distance 8.30km
Duration ~2:45h
3Created by John Walker on 18 Mar 2018
This is another short but rugged section of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. We reached the start by catching the #403 Celtic Coaster bus from the St. David's City Hall bus stop for a 10 minute ride to St. Justinian's Bay. The bus turns round at the bottom of a road leading to the lifeboat station. The walk follows the coast line with great views of Ramsey Sound and the Island before returning to St. Davids from St. Non's Bay.

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OS Grid SM724252
Rhosson Ganol, Pembrokeshire, Wales, SA62 6PY
OS Grid SM721241
The path is fairly level in this section, usefully sheltered from the worst of the on-shore winds by beautiful turf-topped flower-covered walls. Down below the cliffs have the jagged appearance of the dark sandstone strata of this coast, differentially eroded and tipped up to give slab sided caves.
About 1.17 km (~0.73 miles) from
OS Grid SM715234
Just before Pen Dal-aderyn, the final and most westward bulge of the coast, before it turns back east, is a fenced off mine-shaft and immediately opposite in the sound, a reef of large rocks, The Bitches, sticking out into the Sound and causing a funnel effect which accelerates the tidal flow.
About 0.90 km (~0.56 miles) from
OS Grid SM717230
The path turns back East from this point (the most westerly in the whole of mainland Wales), revealing more of the Marloes peninsula and Skomer Island, off to the South. To the East the coastline views reveal dark cliffs, more caves and sea arches, topped with green fields and masses of flowers.
About 0.51 km (~0.32 miles) from
OS Grid SM724234
The path turns inland a little here, rising across heath like land, slightly marshy with a pool in the middle, a couple of ponies paddling up to their knees in it. On the margins we found a few orchids as well as stitchwort, herb robert and speedwell.
About 0.74 km (~0.46 miles) from
OS Grid SM731235
Descending to the coast, past squarish, sheltered Porthlysgi Bay and Picrite Point, promontory and islands reinforcing the archipelago look.
About 0.70 km (~0.43 miles) from
OS Grid SM741236
The tilts and cracks in the strata are increasingly acute and natural arches and caves appear along the final stretch before the path turns inland alongside the Porth Clais ria. This is a steep sided drowned river valley, turned into a peaceful harbour by the addition of a stout harbour wall.
About 1.08 km (~0.67 miles) from
OS Grid SM740240
The path crosses a vigorous stream flowing into the harbour and climbs the opposite side of the valley.
About 0.40 km (~0.25 miles) from
OS Grid SM749240
The grey stone building of St. Non's retreat appears on the next headland, a stone chapel beside it and in a field to the left the ruins of St. Non's church said to be on the site of the birthplace of Wales' patron saint, David (Non was his mother). In the field around are several standing stones.
About 0.88 km (~0.55 miles) from
OS Grid SM751242
A gate into a car park leads to a minor road going north. Follow it for 800m to where it meets a crossing track and turn right then very shortly left along a track between hedges. Continue then veers right to meet Mitre Street. Turn left and then right at a T-junction to arrive back in St David's.
About 0.31 km (~0.19 miles) from
OS Grid SM754255
St David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales, SA62 6NS
About 1.27 km (~0.79 miles) from

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