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Exploring southern Exmoor

A moderate walk (riverside) in national park Exmoor in Somerset, England, about 20.50km (12.74 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 6:45h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 320m (1049ft)
Descent 309m (1013ft)
Max. Elevation 430m (1410ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 629m (2062ft)
Start & End
Distance 20.50km
Duration ~6:45h
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 18 Feb 2010
This walk takes you through some of the wonderful countryside of southern Exmoor, with all the essential elements - river valleys, open country and a proper country town. Starting in Dulverton, which has good bus links and an Exmoor tourist info centre, you pass through some farming countryside and cross Mounsey Hill, before returning via one of Exmoor's many famous 'combes' - local parlance for a river valley. A great way to explore southern Exmoor.

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OS Grid SS914279
Take the bus to Dulverton, which has connections to most of the larger towns nearby. From the town centre, head up the steep hill behind the church along a bridleway.
OS Grid SS916292
The bridleway takes you past Northcombe - there is a YHA camping barn here, which is a good place to base yourself if you are planning a longer stay. Basic, but very cosy once the log fire is blazing.
About 1.33 km (~0.83 miles) from
OS Grid SS912312
The left-hand bridleway past Northcome will bring you to a road near High Broford. Keep heading north, past the two bridleways that forks off to the left.
About 1.96 km (~1.22 miles) from
OS Grid SS904329
Cross the road (Leigh Lane) at Edbrooke Hill Gate. A bridleway takes you into the open access land around Winsford Hill.
About 1.88 km (~1.17 miles) from
OS Grid SS877343
This is classic Exmoor - open, rough countryside, no doubt with a few ponies grazing about under trees. Head up to the cairn. then take a bearing south to meet the bridleway that leads to Higher Knaplock.
About 3.08 km (~1.91 miles) from
OS Grid SS860326
The bridleway leads past Higher Knaplock and along Watery Lane to the footpath along the River Barle. The walk back shows you the other side of Exmoor - beautiful wooded river valleys.
About 2.47 km (~1.53 miles) from
OS Grid SS868322
The first section takes you through the Tarr Steps nature reserve. Head for the Tarr Steps, an ancient clapper bridge across the river, and one of Exmoor's most famous images. There's also a pub, the Tarr Steps Inn, just nearby.
About 0.85 km (~0.53 miles) from
OS Grid SS856319
Cross the steps and continue past Parsonage Farm on the western side of the river. At the nearby path junction, head south.
About 1.23 km (~0.76 miles) from
OS Grid SS862305
You should reach Hawkridge, where you can pick up the Exe Valley Way to Dulverton.
About 1.52 km (~0.94 miles) from
OS Grid SS884296
The path leads you past the site of two castles, Mounsey Castle and Brewer's Castle. These are both iron age hillforts. hidden in the woods of the Barle Valley.
About 2.41 km (~1.5 miles) from
OS Grid SS901290
The path wiggles along the river, taking you back home. Keep an eye out for wildlife hidden in the woods - plenty of creatures thrive in the quiet valleys of Exmoor.
About 1.83 km (~1.14 miles) from
OS Grid SS911281
Head back to Dulverton, which has several pubs and a small supermarket for stocking up. You'll need supplies for the night if you are heading to the camping barn. And worth sampling a local Exmoor brew in the Bridge Inn first.
About 1.35 km (~0.84 miles) from

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