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The Munros of the Monadhliath mountains

A strenuous walk (mountain (above 600m)) in Highland, Scotland, about 24.60km (15.29 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 9:15h (1 overnight stay). It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 697m (2286ft)
Descent 688m (2257ft)
Max. Elevation 930m (3051ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 1385m (4543ft)
Start & End
Distance 24.60km
Duration ~9:15h
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 31 Jul 2010
If you've travelled through the Cairngorms by train, then you've already seen the Monadh Liath hills (you will have if you went by car, too, but we don't talk about that on this website). They tower over the towns of Newtonmore and Kingussie, and are easily reached from Newtonmore Station. The route includes three Munros - Carn Dearg, Carn Sgulain and A' Chailleach - but once you have gained the height, the drops in between are not too bad.

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OS Grid NN716985
At Newtonmore, head through the village from the station. Across the A86, head along Glen Road, which follows the line of the River Calder towards Shepherd's Bridge.
OS Grid NN696998
At Shepherd's Bridge, a footpath heads north towards A'Chailleach. A bridge crosses the Allt a' Chaorain and heads up the steep slope of the mountain.
About 2.32 km (~1.44 miles) from
OS Grid NH681040
The ground is rough going, and you'll be pleased to reach the first summit of the day - A' Chailleach, 930m.
About 4.39 km (~2.73 miles) from
OS Grid NH683058
Head across Allt Cuil na Caillach, which runs between A' Chailleach and the second Munro, Carn Sgulain (920m). Fence posts lead you to the summit, which can be handy when the cloud has dropped.
About 1.79 km (~1.11 miles) from
OS Grid NH641042
The posts follow the route of the ridge, via Meall a' Bothain and Meall na Creughaich to Carn Ballach.
About 4.39 km (~2.73 miles) from
OS Grid NH635023
Continue past Lochan Uisge to the day's final Munro, Carn Dearg, which reaches 945m - the highest point of the day.Take the ridge heading south and before you reach Carn Macoul, drop down the western slope towards the Allt Ballach valley.
About 2.06 km (~1.28 miles) from
OS Grid NN652997
Keep losing height until you meet the path running through Glen Banchor, on the northern side of the river.
About 3.10 km (~1.93 miles) from
OS Grid NN695996
Retrace your steps to Shepherd's Bridge ...
About 4.29 km (~2.67 miles) from
OS Grid NN713985
... and back into Newtonmore.
About 2.10 km (~1.3 miles) from

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