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Sharp Tor - a south Dartmoor walk

A moderate walk (moorland) in national park Dartmoor starting and finishing in Devon, England, about 17.80km (11.06 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 6:15h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 327m (1072ft)
Descent 402m (1318ft)
Max. Elevation 460m (1509ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 729m (2390ft)
South Brent
Distance 17.80km
Duration ~6:15h
Ordnance Survey Map
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 12 Aug 2010
This walk takes in some of the southerly tops of Dartmoor. Starting with a riverside section, the route heads onto the higher ground at Avon Dam, then crosses the tops along Sharp Tor to Butterdon Hill. As always with Dartmoor, it's pretty wild out there, so come prepared!

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OS Grid SX698603
From the town centre, head along Vicarage Road towards Lutton. About a mile of road walking to start with, sorry.
OS Grid SX696612
At Lutton, pick up the bridleway above the River Avon towards Didworthy. Continue past Didworthy via the footpath to Shipley Bridge.
About 0.96 km (~0.6 miles) from
OS Grid SX682630
At Shipley Bridge, cross the river and continue along the bridleway as it climbs up towards the reservoir.
About 2.27 km (~1.41 miles) from
OS Grid SX678651
At the dam, the walk starts in earnest. Head up the slope to the west, which leads onto Quickbeam Hill.
About 2.09 km (~1.3 miles) from
OS Grid SX653647
Just over the brow of Quickbeam Hill, the Two Moors Way follows the route of an old disused tramway. This wasn't some bizarrely remote public transport system; instead, it served the granite quarries further into the moor.
About 2.55 km (~1.58 miles) from
OS Grid SX654626
Follow the tramway south to the top of Ugborough Moor.
About 2.20 km (~1.37 miles) from
OS Grid SX654607
Keep heading south to Piles Hill, with its ancient stones scattered about.
About 1.80 km (~1.12 miles) from
OS Grid SX655586
After a few more miles, you reach Butterdon Hill and the end is in sight - Ivybridge sits just below. The cairn is just off the Two Moors Way, but you can drop down from the summit to Black Pool, then down the slopes of Western Beacon to rejoin the path. It's all Access Land.
About 2.15 km (~1.34 miles) from
OS Grid SX644572
The path meets a track which takes you into Ivybridge.
About 1.75 km (~1.09 miles) from
OS Grid SX633559
Ivybridge has a train station for long-distance travellers, or regional buses for Devonians. And plenty of good pubs - try the Duke of Cornwall on Keaton Road.
About 1.71 km (~1.06 miles) from

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