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Llyn Padarn

A leisurely walk (countryside) in national park Snowdonia in Clwyd, Wales, about 7.70km (4.78 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 2:30h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 159m (521ft)
Descent 156m (511ft)
Max. Elevation 310m (1017ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 315m (1032ft)
Start & End
Distance 7.70km
Duration ~2:30h
Ordnance Survey Map
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Jarrold Short Walks No. 14, Snowdonia Walk No. 18; head around Llyn Padarn, the lake between Snowdon and the Glyders. Lots of interesting mine works on the way.

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OS Grid SH577604
Start of the walk
OS Grid SH585601
By the play and picnic area, enter Padarn Country Park to find another footbridge spanning the link between the two lakes. This leads to the Welsh slate museum.
About 0.85 km (~0.53 miles) from
OS Grid SH586606
Keep right to find a woodland path leading to the V2 Incline.
About 0.59 km (~0.37 miles) from
OS Grid SH588612
Follow the tarmac road, go left, then left again alongside a low wall. You should pass a Diving Centre (an old quarry full of water, it is very deep). Carry on past examples of old quarry machinery, very interesting.
About 0.64 km (~0.4 miles) from
OS Grid SH582616
This is open as a museum, quite interesting. Look for the morgue (signed) at the end of the building; waymarks show the way.
About 0.66 km (~0.41 miles) from
OS Grid SH575617
Turn left and you should see a telephone box (if it's still there!). Follow the main road to the end of the lake.
About 0.77 km (~0.48 miles) from
OS Grid SH559623
Before crossing, admire the views down the lake. There is a metal plaque which points out all the named mountains.
About 1.70 km (~1.06 miles) from
OS Grid SH561618
The path descends to the trackbed of the old railway, a nice tree-lined easy walk back. Head through a short tunnel at the end, well waymarked.
About 0.51 km (~0.32 miles) from
OS Grid SH574607
Well done!!
About 1.70 km (~1.06 miles) from

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