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Snettisham Nature Reserve

A moderate walk (coast) starting and finishing in Norfolk, England, about 11.80km (7.33 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 3:30h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 31m (101ft)
Descent 27m (88ft)
Max. Elevation 60m (196ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 58m (189ft)
Distance 11.80km
Duration ~3:30h
Created by Anonymous Walker on 15 Jan 2014
This route on the Norfolk coast explores Snettisham Nature Reserve. It's great for birdwatchers; check for details on the reserve's website: www.rspb.org.uk/reserves/guide/s/snettisham Even if that's not your thing, there's a good pub at the end in Snettisham. And buses connect the start and finish with nearby towns.

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Take the bus to Dersingham. Interesting fact - this stretch of coastline is one of very few places where you face west on the east coast. OK, maybe just mildly interesting.
OS Grid TF681307
Head along Station Road towards the A149. Sadly no station operating anymore; the King's Lynn to Hunstanton line was closed in the 1960s.
About 0.52 km (~0.32 miles) from
OS Grid TF663311
Follow the bridleway towards The Decoy. Keep heading west towards the Snettisham Nature Reserve. The public right of way runs out, but access is permitted. It's part of the Sandringham estate, so make sure you have brought a cap to doff if anyone regal passes by.
About 1.82 km (~1.13 miles) from
OS Grid TF649303
You reach a boardwalk that skirts the lagoons in the reserve. Turn left to walk along the lagoons, then continue on the path between the lagoons and the sea. There are various hides along the route, so if you've remembered your binoculars, then take a pause to enjoy the avian life in the reserve.
About 1.58 km (~0.98 miles) from
OS Grid TF649328
Beyond the lagoons, you reach Shepherd's Port. Continue heading north along the coastline.
About 2.46 km (~1.53 miles) from
OS Grid TF652346
Continue along the coastal footpath. When you reach two small ponds, head inland on the footpath.
About 1.80 km (~1.12 miles) from
OS Grid TF667340
The path reaches a farm on the border of the wood. Take the left fork and then follow the path through the woods.
About 1.67 km (~1.04 miles) from
OS Grid TF684342
Finish up in Snettisham. A good place for a post-walk pub is the Rose & Crown: www.roseandcrownsnettisham.co.uk
About 1.69 km (~1.05 miles) from

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15 Sep 2014
Public Right Of Way

Hi Everyone Snettisham Beach footpath is now a registered public right of way. Please use this footpath and walk along the sea bank. ENJOY!

snettisham beach row
28 May 2014
Walk Open

Hi everyone the walk is now open to all. Walk along the sea bank for a better walk.

15 Jan 2014
Walk Closed

Note that from early 2014, this walk is not possible to complete due to damage to the reserve caused by the storms. You can still walk the sections from the villages to the reserve and back, but not the complete walk. Check with the RSPB website for updates: www.rspb.org.uk/reserves/guide/s/snettisham

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