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Glencoe to the Clachaig Inn

A moderate walk (riverside) in Highlands, Scotland, about 10.10km (6.28 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 3:00h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 111m (364ft)
Descent 112m (367ft)
Max. Elevation 100m (328ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 223m (731ft)
Start & End
Distance 10.10km
Duration ~3:00h
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 28 May 2014
This is one of the tamer walks in Glencoe. But who says you have to climb mountains to enjoy them? Sticking to the valley, this short walk finishes at the famous Clachaig Inn, where you can sit and admire the towering peaks with a pint in hand, or maybe a whisky, given the territory.

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Walk Map

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OS Grid NN099588
Take the bus to Glencoe village.
OS Grid NN103589
Head along Lorn Drive past the post office, then across the river.
About 0.43 km (~0.27 miles) from
OS Grid NN110586
The route follows a very quiet road into Glencoe. The Pap of Glencoe is to your left and makes for a very steep side trip should you fancy it.
About 0.71 km (~0.44 miles) from
OS Grid NN117576
Follow the course of the River Coe past the youth hostel.
About 1.24 km (~0.77 miles) from
OS Grid NN127568
As you continue, the massive end of Sgorr nam Flannaidh looms up above. This is the start (or end) of the Aonach Eagach ridge, a name that strikes fear and excitement into all walkers.
About 1.24 km (~0.77 miles) from
OS Grid NN123566
Before heading to the pub, climb up Signal Rock for one of the classic views of the Glencoe valley.
About 0.43 km (~0.27 miles) from
OS Grid NN127566
Time your walk to arrive here for lunch, they have an excellent menu: www.clachaig.com
About 0.40 km (~0.25 miles) from
OS Grid NN106588
Retrace your steps from here towards Glencoe. Sometimes walkers resent this idea, but when the scenery's this good, who's complaining?
About 3.04 km (~1.89 miles) from
OS Grid NN102597
Where the road turns left into the village, take the track to the Glencoe Lochan. There is a path right around the lochan, with great views of the Pap.
About 0.94 km (~0.58 miles) from
OS Grid NN098587
Finish up in the village for the bus home or for further adventures in Western Scotland.
About 1.05 km (~0.65 miles) from

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