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Garsdale Rly Station to Kirkby Stephen Rly Station

A moderate walk (low hills and fells (below 600m)) starting and finishing in Cumbria, England, about 18.40km (11.43 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 6:00h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 230m (754ft)
Descent 305m (1000ft)
Max. Elevation 450m (1476ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 535m (1754ft)
Garsdale Railway Station
Kirkby Stephen
Distance 18.40km
Duration ~6:00h
2Created by mac.hawk on 16 Jan 2015
A medium level walk in the Mallerstang valley mainly utilising bridleways and tracks. Interesting chapels and ruined castles near Outhgill. No facilities on route.

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Walk Map

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OS Grid SD787918
Go and say a woofish 'hello' to Ruswarp then exit the railway station and follow the road downhill to the road junction.
OS Grid SD786919
Turn right briefly to reach a waymarker post on the left (not the immediate first one heading over Garsdale Head).
About 0.28 km (~0.17 miles) from
OS Grid SD788921
Follow the path across Garsdale Low Moor to reach a footbridge over the railway line.
About 0.32 km (~0.2 miles) from
OS Grid SD790934
Once over the footbridge directly cross the field ahead, cross the road and take a path on the right of the farm that heads slightly left downhill to reach a footbridge over the River Ure.
About 1.29 km (~0.8 miles) from
OS Grid SD794938
Once over the footbridge head diagonally left towards the farm at Blades.
About 0.53 km (~0.33 miles) from
OS Grid SD796937
From the farm at Blades follow the obvious path that rises directly uphill, veers to the left before still climbing to reach the wide track High Dyke that is The High Way.
About 0.24 km (~0.15 miles) from
OS Grid SD803943
Turn left and follow the track for 2 miles as it initially keeps quite high up on the moor to reach Hell Gill Bridge.
About 0.80 km (~0.5 miles) from
OS Grid SD786968
Continue along the track for another 2 1/2 miles (after about a mile the track starts to descend) to reach the tarmac road a little south of Outhgill.
About 3.07 km (~1.91 miles) from
OS Grid NY783003
Turn right and follow the road through Outhgill and immediately beyond the ruins of Pendragon Castle turn left along a minor road.
About 3.53 km (~2.19 miles) from
OS Grid NY781026
Follow the road uphill to cross the river. Keep on the road after the sharp right turn and at the left turn take a wayposted path on the right.
About 2.27 km (~1.41 miles) from
OS Grid NY779029
Follow the track that runs along the river side (east) of Birkett Common (you're generally following the river in the valley below on the right).
About 0.43 km (~0.27 miles) from
OS Grid NY772046
Just south of the ruins of Lammerside Castle turn right along a bridleway that's still following the river at right to eventually reach Wharton Hall.
About 1.76 km (~1.09 miles) from
OS Grid NY769061
The path circles the Hall to the left then turns right to take a track leading to Halfpenny House.
About 1.59 km (~0.99 miles) from
OS Grid NY768070
At Halfpenny House turn left downhill briefly and follow the path as it rises to reach Kirkby Stephen railway station.
About 0.88 km (~0.55 miles) from
OS Grid NY761066
Return trains back to .... wherever. Route is approx 14 miles long.
About 0.82 km (~0.51 miles) from

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25 Oct 2016
The Distance?

Re-checkimg the mileage in high detail via an online OS affiliated website the route comes to 12.25 miles. If the route comes to 12.25 miles it's very safe to acknowledge that you will walk some distance longer as the OS map cannot exactly reproduce the twists and turns that each path takes and also doesn't take into account any detours you might need to take e.g. to avoid bog, puddles or any other obstruction that might occur on route. The distance was pedometer based and reflected the journey from A to B and as such I regard it as an accurate measure of this hike. The intermediate distances on the CFW website are generated by CFW, not me, and certainly shouldn't be relied upon as being definitive. I do however accept the point you are implying and will endeavour in future to give route length and actual walking length figures.

peter mackie
12 Oct 2016
Distance Of Garsdale To KS Station Via Hell Gill Bridge

I have done this walk and variants a few times. There is no way it is 14 miles, I reckon 11 and if you add up your intermediate distances that's what it comes to. Around 4.5 hours for half fit walkers excluding lunch stop. It's a very good walk but after wet weather crossing some of the gills can be a bit slippery and testing! Peter

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