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Kinder Scout from Edale

A leisurely walk (mountain (above 600m)) in national park Peak District in Derbyshire, England, about 9.50km (5.90 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 3:45h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 341m (1118ft)
Descent 318m (1043ft)
Max. Elevation 590m (1935ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 659m (2161ft)
Start & End
Edale Station
Distance 9.50km
Duration ~3:45h
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 05 Sep 2007
Experience some of England's finest, bleakest moorland - Kinder Scout, the start of the Pennine Way. This route takes you along two pleasant rivers as well - a fine day out. Kinder was the site of the mass trespass in 1932, when 500 walkers descended here to demand the 'right to ramble'. They couldn't have chosen a more suitable place - it's one of the most popular spots for walking in the UK, now owned and cared for by the National Trust.

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Walk Map

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OS Grid SK123852
Start the walk at Edale station, on the line between Sheffield and Manchester. Peak bus services all pass through here.
OS Grid SK102852
From the station, head into Edale village. You will see signs for the Pennine Way - follow these to the hamlet of Upper Booth, along the lower slopes of Kinder.
About 2.15 km (~1.34 miles) from
OS Grid SK079864
Continue on the Pennine Way up the Jacob's Ladder footpath. This path is quite steep. When it starts to level out, you will see the rocky outcrops, carved into curiously-shaped towers by the wind, that characterise Kinder Scout.
About 2.59 km (~1.61 miles) from
OS Grid SK109868
Follow the southern edge of the Kinder Scout plateau - it's worth wandering into the boggy landscape where you can play in the mud or look for the grouse! That's 'grouse' as a plural - there's more than one, of course.
About 3.02 km (~1.88 miles) from
OS Grid SK122859
Follow the path from Kinder Scout back into Edale village. The Old Nag's Head pub is well worth a visit. From here, it's a short walk back to Edale station.
About 1.58 km (~0.98 miles) from

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31 Mar 2016
GPS Query

Hi David, if you look at the top right of the screen, there is a link to download the GPX file. That should then add all the coordinates to your Garmin.

24 Mar 2016
Gps Queery

hi there im new to gps and have purchased a garmin etrex venture hc how do i enter coordinates and what units do i use

12 Apr 2015
GPX Downloads

Well, I have changed the technological backend side of things which should make downloading the GPX file possible again. I sure works for me, both in Firefox and Chrome.

11 Apr 2015

No one's commented on this in a couple of years but the GX download only seems to work on Internet Explorer and not on Firefox (haven't tried Chrome). Still downloaded them OK but would prefer if they were accessible through other browsers (especially since Internet Explorer is going to be depracated in Windows 10).

23 Jul 2013
Map Order

Hello, we don't sell the maps directly, but if you contact Aqua3 they should be able to help you: http://www.aqua3.com/contact.asp Just mention you came through Car Free Walks and they will give you the 10% discount, I am sure.

B. Rawling
23 Jul 2013
Map Order

Good day, I would like to buy a laminated map of the Castleton/Kinder Scout area. I terminated my PayPal account due to fraud. Does your company accept payment by Visa card?

20 May 2012
GPX-download Works Fine

Hi, I've just tried downloading the GPX-file, it works fine (you need to be logged-in, though). If you are and the link doesn't show up, press CTRL and F5 simultaneously on your keyboard. This will refresh the page in your browser and the link should work for you.

19 May 2012
Broken GPX Download Link

Would love to download this GPX walk,... but the link appears to be broken

Dave Booth
07 May 2011
Fixed Link

Cheers Patrik, For both sorting the link, and altering my user name. Much appreciated. Shall be back after my walking holiday in Barmouth, (hopefully in the Sun, huh?) Dave.

07 May 2011
Broken GPX Download Link

Hi Tim, Would love to download this GPX walk,... but the link appears to be broken :O( Hope to hear from you when it gets fixed. Brilliant website ! Cheers, Dave.

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