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The Seven Sisters from Berwick via Alfriston

A strenuous walk (countryside) in national park South Downs in East Sussex, England, about 27.00km (16.78 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 8:15h (1 overnight stay). It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 158m (518ft)
Descent 160m (524ft)
Max. Elevation 0m (0ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 318m (1042ft)
Start & End
Berwick Station
Distance 27.00km
Duration ~8:15h
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by patrikG on 11 Sep 2007
A walk in one of the most beautiful parts of East Sussex along rivers, past beaches, over chalk hills, through forests and quaint villages. Bring a picnic - either on top of a chalk cliff or on the beach.A good level of fitness and comfy walking boots will make this walk even more enjoyable.

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Walk Map

$walk->POI array(6)
#1"730""125""4""4""50.80752182007""0.15593700111""The Flint Tower""Historic Site""0.21""0.00""50.80932235718""0.15667779744""2018-03-28 15:24:36"
#2"731""125""7""7""50.76428604126""0.15101909637""Canadian War Memorial""Historic Site""0.70""0.00""50.75947952271""0.14464180171""2018-03-28 15:24:36"
#3"732""125""9""9""50.74523162842""0.19757835567""Went Hill""Natural Feature""0.74""0.00""50.75162887573""0.20028460026""2018-03-28 15:24:36"
#4"733""125""9""9""50.74523162842""0.19757835567""Sarson Stone""Historic Site""1.35""0.00""50.74992370605""0.17989090085""2018-03-28 15:24:36"
#5"735""125""11""11""50.77330017090""0.19251085818""Friston Hill""Natural Feature""0.17""0.00""50.77220916748""0.19083249569""2018-03-28 15:24:36"
#6"734""125""11""11""50.77330017090""0.19251085818""Friston Place""Historic Site""0.49""0.00""50.76903533936""0.19429710507""2018-03-28 15:24:36"
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OS Grid TQ525067
Start of the walk - Berwick Station. Follow the road due south. Turn right and follow the Vanguard Way (blue signs)
OS Grid TQ516067
Keep following the Vanguard Way (as indicated on OS Map 123) and turn left (south) here
About 0.87 km (~0.54 miles) from
OS Grid TQ519054
Busy road, but it's the only one you'll see for a long time...
About 1.39 km (~0.86 miles) from
OS Grid TQ513047
Follow Comp Lane towards Winton, you'll walk through a green tunnel (if it's not winter)
About 0.90 km (~0.56 miles) from
OS Grid TQ519031
Alfriston is a beautiful historic village exactly as one imagines them. The location is stunning, right next to Cuckmere river, the parish church ancient and if you time it right, you can catch the village fest around the church on the parish green. Oh, and in case you forgot to bring a sandwich you can stock up at the post office.
About 1.74 km (~1.08 miles) from
Points of Interest nearby
The Flint Tower (Historic Site)
0.21km (0.13mi) away

OS Grid TQ522031
Follow Cuckmere River all the way down to the beach.
About 0.25 km (~0.16 miles) from
OS Grid TV513993
One more road to cross before you are at Cuckmere Haven
About 3.88 km (~2.41 miles) from
OS Grid TV517982
The Seven Sisters are in sight, start thinking about your preferred picnic spot: hilltop or beach?
About 1.13 km (~0.7 miles) from
Points of Interest nearby
Canadian War Memorial (Historic Site)
0.70km (0.43mi) away

OS Grid TV523974
It's a bit steep and will continue to be quite up and down, but behold! the view. Prepare to sweat, this is the most strenuous bit of the walk and great for burning off calories.
About 1.01 km (~0.63 miles) from
OS Grid TV551962
Head over Sister after Sister towards the lighthouse. When you're just before Birling Gap, make a left after the kissing gate. If you feel like it, Beachy Head is just a tad further on.
About 3.02 km (~1.88 miles) from
Points of Interest nearby
Went Hill (Natural Feature)
0.74km (0.46mi) away

Sarson Stone (Historic Site)
1.35km (0.84mi) away

OS Grid TV550981
Follow the footpath & signs and mind the cows (and their droppings). Cross the A259
About 1.88 km (~1.17 miles) from
OS Grid TV546993
This is mostly forest and will lead you past beautiful estates and through pastoral bliss.
About 1.30 km (~0.81 miles) from
Points of Interest nearby
Friston Hill (Natural Feature)
0.17km (0.11mi) away

Friston Place (Historic Site)
0.49km (0.3mi) away

OS Grid TQ542006
Hone your navigational skills in the forest. Do make a left at this crossroad.
About 1.31 km (~0.81 miles) from
OS Grid TQ522016
Keep your eyes peeled for a sharp left (blue signs) between two fences/hedgerows shortly after the pub and before the telephone boot.
About 2.30 km (~1.43 miles) from
OS Grid TQ518023
Keep following Cuckmere River, the same way you came down, back through Alfriston towards Berwick. The pub is calling already.
About 0.83 km (~0.52 miles) from
OS Grid TQ518049
Make sure you've checked the train schedule before going into the The Cricketers Arms - lovely country pub and even lovelier garden.
About 2.62 km (~1.63 miles) from
OS Grid TQ525066
Hope you've enjoyed the walk!
About 1.90 km (~1.18 miles) from

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