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Brighton to Lewes (Jugg's Road)

A moderate walk (low hills and fells (below 600m)) in national park South Downs starting and finishing in East Sussex, England, about 12.60km (7.83 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 4:00h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 154m (505ft)
Descent 187m (613ft)
Max. Elevation 200m (656ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 341m (1118ft)
Brighton Station
Lewes Station
Distance 12.60km
Duration ~4:00h
Created by NeilPenn on 24 Sep 2007
Walk from Brighton to Lewes using the pre-1770 road which was allowed to green over when the toll road (now A27)was built. Route was used to transport fish by Donkey from the fishing town of Brighton to the market in Lewes. Good views of both the weald and out to sea.

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Walk Map

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OS Grid TQ310049
Start of the walk
OS Grid TQ315051
Park. A good place to meet up.
About 0.57 km (~0.35 miles) from
OS Grid TQ318052
Walk East and up to Brighton Race Course.
About 0.28 km (~0.17 miles) from
OS Grid TQ330053
Follow path on north side of the road. Past the allotments.
About 1.21 km (~0.75 miles) from
OS Grid TQ332055
Good views over brighton to the sea. Stop here for a breather.
About 0.31 km (~0.19 miles) from
OS Grid TQ336057
By horse school. Follow the track on the North side of the road.
About 0.42 km (~0.26 miles) from
OS Grid TQ343057
Follow the single track road to the East.
About 0.68 km (~0.42 miles) from
OS Grid TQ356063
Carefull when crossing the road here. Take left path at fork North East.
About 1.48 km (~0.92 miles) from
OS Grid TQ370074
Go East along Jugg's road.
About 1.75 km (~1.09 miles) from
OS Grid TQ379079
Various mounds here. Take the north east path.
About 0.99 km (~0.62 miles) from
OS Grid TQ387084
This is a good point to explore Kingston else continue North East.
About 1.01 km (~0.63 miles) from
OS Grid TQ390087
Take care crossing the road. Continue along Jugg's Road (track) to East.
About 0.39 km (~0.24 miles) from
OS Grid TQ405094
Jugg's Road goes over the A27.
About 1.62 km (~1.01 miles) from
OS Grid TQ407095
Go East down Southover High Street.
About 0.29 km (~0.18 miles) from
OS Grid TQ411096
Go past Anne of Cleaves. Can divert here to Visit the ruins of the Cluniac Priory.
About 0.42 km (~0.26 miles) from
OS Grid TQ415097
End of the walk
About 0.43 km (~0.27 miles) from

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Tim Woods
16 Jan 2018
Organised Walks

Hi John, not sure of any organised walks, but the Brighton Ramblers might be able to point you in the right direction of any that are happening: www.ramblers.org.uk/brighton-hove

James Moulding
06 Jan 2018
Nice Short Walk - Cut Out The Town Section

I did this walk in reverse grabbing the train to Lewes and then walking on to Castle Hill, Woodingdean and then down to Rottingdean and going back into Brighton via the Undercliff Walk. Beautiful views, especially with the waning winter sun.

John Adams
06 Jan 2018
Juggs Road

I would like to walk this road. Are there organized walks?

04 Oct 2007
Shortcut The Town Section

This is a great walk, especially once you get out of the urban area. You can use the 22 bus from central Brighton to skip the smelly grind up Elm Grove. Jump off as the views really open up just beyond the race course grandstand and car parks.

26 Sep 2007
Views On Your Doorstep

This walk was beautiful with wonderful views.And the thought of walking on a route which hadn't been used since 1770 gave it a charm of it's own.The main hill climb was out of Brighton(mainly pavement and easy walking).After that the views just didn't stop...Until Lewes and a wonderful pub by the river.

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