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Camden town to Little Venice

A leisurely walk (city/town) starting and finishing in City of London, England, about 4.80km (2.98 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 1:15h. It is suitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 12m (39ft)
Descent 12m (39ft)
Max. Elevation 50m (164ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 24m (78ft)
Camden Town tube station
Warwick Avenue tube station
Distance 4.80km
Duration ~1:15h
Ordnance Survey Map
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 18 Mar 2008
This walk takes you through some of North London's most interesting areas - from trendy, bustling Camden, through Regent's Park and London Zoo, past the colourful houseboats moored on the Regent's Canal and finishing at the stylish waterways of Little Venice. There are also several cafes and pubs along the route - perfect for a lazy weekend stroll in the capital. Some parts of the canal path are closed at dusk (or 20:00 in summer) so you may have to leave the canal path once or twice.

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Camden can be reached by tube or bus. From the tube station, head up Camden High Street with its noisy mix of shops, cafes, bars and general madness.
OS Grid TQ287840
There are lots of interesting shops and market stalls around Camden - perfect for a snack, a souvenir, or some overpriced jewellery you don't really want. The donut stall on the corner of the main market is worth a visit. The start of the canal walk is right by the market, over the bridge.
About 0.76 km (~0.47 miles) from
OS Grid TQ282836
The path along the Grand Union Canal takes you along the northern edge of Regent's Park, right through London Zoo. If you have time, take a diversion up to Primrose Hill for great views over the park and across London.
About 0.65 km (~0.4 miles) from
OS Grid TQ273827
Follow the path along the canal. Cricket fans should take a short detour to St John's Wood Road to pay homage at Lord's, the home of cricket. Carry on until you reach the tunnel on the canal, and head up the steps.
About 1.32 km (~0.82 miles) from
OS Grid TQ266822
The canal path heads away from the waterside into Aberdeen Place and along Maida Avenue. There are signposts to Little Venice, but a London streetmap is handy if you have one (or print out this walk on the 'map' setting).
About 0.85 km (~0.53 miles) from
OS Grid TQ261818
The path rejoins the canal and passes the many vibrant houseboats permanently moored on the canal. Carry on to Little Venice. This is where the Grand Union and Regent’s canals meet, and is home to cafes (including one in a canal boat), a pub and a small park.
About 0.65 km (~0.4 miles) from
OS Grid TQ260820
The tube station is just a two minute walk from Little Venice, and several bus routes pass nearby too.
About 0.27 km (~0.17 miles) from

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