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Along the Manifold Way

A moderate walk (riverside) in national park Peak District starting and finishing in Staffordshire, England, about 12.90km (8.02 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 4:00h. It is suitable for prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs, but unsuitable for families with children.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 62m (203ft)
Descent 54m (177ft)
Max. Elevation 320m (1049ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 116m (380ft)
Distance 12.90km
Duration ~4:00h
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 13 Feb 2010
This walk is just a couple of miles away from Dove Dale, but attracts far fewer visitors and is therefore perfect for those who like a bit of peace and quiet on their walks. Starting from Waterhouses, the route follows the River Manifold and the River Hamps to Hartington. The route can be combined with a trip to Dove Dale, walking up one and returning to your starting point via the other. Buses are infrequent but reliable to the start and finish, connecting you to the larger towns nearby.

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OS Grid SK078504
Waterhouses is a small village in Staffordshire; buses from Leek run here. On the eastern side of the village, a footpath runs northeast towards Lamber Low.
OS Grid SK094513
The path over Lamber Low joins the Manifold Way at Sparrowlee Bridge. This route is a disused railway line, covered over for leisure use. It's great for walking, but watch out for cyclists speeding past! For more info, go to: www.thepeakdistrict.info/derbyshire-cycling/manifold-way.php
About 1.78 km (~1.11 miles) from
OS Grid SK096539
The first stretch follows the River Hamp through its steep-sided valley. It's a wiggly old path through some very pleasant wooded scenery. You also pass Beeston Crags, a popular climbing spot.
About 2.67 km (~1.66 miles) from
OS Grid SK093582
The northern end of the route follows the River Manifold. This section is actually along a road, but it's mostly quiet and safe for walking. Keep heading north to Ecton.
About 4.23 km (~2.63 miles) from
OS Grid SK106592
The Manifold Way finishes (officially) at Hulme End. If you've got your times right, you can get a bus from here. The other option is to walk the last couple of miles to Hartington.
About 1.60 km (~0.99 miles) from
OS Grid SK128603
You can avoid walking along the B5054 by using the footpaths that run either side of the road. There is a Youth Hostel at Hartington if you fancy a night in the countryside before heading home. This is also the northern end of Dove Dale, if you fancy extending your visit to the Peaks a bit longer.
About 2.50 km (~1.55 miles) from

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