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Around The Loe in Cornwall

A leisurely walk (countryside) starting and finishing in Cornwall, England, about 6.60km (4.10 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 2:00h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 21m (68ft)
Descent 46m (150ft)
Max. Elevation 50m (164ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 67m (218ft)
Distance 6.60km
Duration ~2:00h
Ordnance Survey Map
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 12 May 2010
This route in southern Cornwall takes you around The Loe, also called Loe Pool. Despite being on the coast, it is a freshwater lake - the sea is kept out by the Loe Bar, a shingle bank at its southern end. The walk starts in Helston, and winds along the woody banks of The Loe before picking up the South West Coastal Path to Porthleven. Regular buses connect Helston to Porthleven.

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OS Grid SW659275
Start your walk in Helston. As ever in Cornwall, there are plenty of places to stay if you want to explore the region a little more deeply - start your search at www.helston-online.co.uk
OS Grid SW653270
Head for Porthleven Road (B3304). There is a path signposted just before the road crosses the river.
About 0.80 km (~0.5 miles) from
OS Grid SW652264
The track leads you through the woods and along the Loe Valley, towards Loe Pool.
About 0.56 km (~0.35 miles) from
OS Grid SW651255
The path brings you to The Loe, an important stopover for birds in winter. It's also the lake where King Arthur's sword, Excaliber, was cast (apparently). Follow the eastern shore of the pool.
About 0.89 km (~0.55 miles) from
OS Grid SW647243
Carry on to Carminowe Creek, a branch of The Loe.
About 1.29 km (~0.8 miles) from
OS Grid SW647240
Stick to the shore of the creek to reach the beach at Porthleven Sands.
About 0.26 km (~0.16 miles) from
OS Grid SW642241
Cross the natural bar that keeps The Loe a freshwater body. Continue along the beach and pick up the South West Coastal Path on the northern bank.
About 0.50 km (~0.31 miles) from
OS Grid SW635248
Carry on along the coast to Porthleven.
About 1.00 km (~0.62 miles) from
OS Grid SW629257
Finish up in Porthleven, from where you can get the bus back to Helston, or just sit on the beach and relax!
About 1.13 km (~0.7 miles) from

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