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On Ilkley Moor ...

A moderate walk (moorland) starting and finishing in West Yorkshire, England, about 14.50km (9.01 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 5:00h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 301m (987ft)
Descent 299m (980ft)
Max. Elevation 400m (1312ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 600m (1967ft)
Distance 14.50km
Duration ~5:00h
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 19 Aug 2010
... baht 'at. You know the song, even if you don't understand it (something about getting eaten by worms if you don't wear a hat). And when you head to Ilkley Moor, chances are you'll hear someone singing it too. And what better place for a bit of singing? It's a grand spot, the highest point of Rombalds Moor. Start at Burley-in-Wharfedale station, explore to your heart's content, and descend into Ilkley. For more information about the moor, visit: www.ilkleymoor.org

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Walk Map

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OS Grid SE162458
From the station, head along Moor Lane. The granite lump rises up ahead ...
OS Grid SE148450
The lane leads you out onto the moor. Follow the northern edge around the lower slopes towards Ilkley Quarry.
About 1.68 km (~1.04 miles) from
OS Grid SE129466
The first major point of interest is Hangingstone Rocks, near Ilkley Quarry. The famous Cow and Calf rocks are here - perfect for a spot of scrabbling about!
About 2.45 km (~1.52 miles) from
OS Grid SE125450
This is a curious stone circle, near the summit of the moor. They're quite small, but were probably important to someone back in the day.
About 1.67 km (~1.04 miles) from
OS Grid SE115452
The summit, all 402m of it, is just west of the stone circle.
About 1.14 km (~0.71 miles) from
OS Grid SE094457
Head beyond the Buck Stones along the crest of the moor.
About 2.13 km (~1.32 miles) from
OS Grid SE084466
Continue past the northern edge of High Moor plantation.
About 1.35 km (~0.84 miles) from
OS Grid SE094469
Another curiosity of the moor is the Swastika Stone, near Woodhead Crags. It's enclosed in an iron fence and one of many carved rocks on the moor, thought to date to the Bronze Age when they didn't have playstations and very much had to make their own fun.
About 1.03 km (~0.64 miles) from
OS Grid SE100473
Return through Panorama Woods and into Ilkley via Heber's Ghyll Drive. When in Yorkshire, do as the locals do and enjoy a pint of local ale in The Bar T'at on Cunliffe Road, just near t'station.
About 0.72 km (~0.45 miles) from
OS Grid SE118475
Train home from Ilkley; there are also buses.
About 1.81 km (~1.12 miles) from

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10 Sep 2011
On Ilkley Moor

Did a similar walk myself this week in apalling weather! But the place is as good in bad weather as it is in good! I didn't get to see the 12 Apostles...that is a definite for next time!

02 Apr 2011

I usually do something similar but head up Hag Farm Road to reach Stocks Hill before clomping across Burley Moor to the 12 Apostles. From the trig to Whetstone Gate it is usually VERY boggy. From East Buck Stones I would NEVER descend without visiting the nearby trig at Addingham High Moor (on the TrigpointingUK website somewhat bizaarly as Overgate Croft Farm!). Makes it about 10 miles but it is a good hike.

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