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The Portland Railway Walk

A moderate walk (coast) starting and finishing in Dorset, England, about 10.50km (6.52 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 3:15h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 141m (462ft)
Descent 133m (436ft)
Max. Elevation 130m (426ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 274m (898ft)
Distance 10.50km
Duration ~3:15h
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 28 Aug 2010
Follow the route of a disused railway for an enjoyable walk from Weymouth to Portland. The railway, built to carry Portland stone out of the quarries, is now a wildlife corridor and perfect for a peaceful walk. You can download a detailed route guide from: www.visitweymouth.co.uk/downloadForms/ RailwayWalkleaflet.pdf

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Walk Map

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OS Grid SY674792
Start at Abbotsbury Road in Weymouth, which is a short hop across the River Wey from the railway station.
OS Grid SY675780
The Rodwell Trail starts at the eastern end of Abbotsbury Road, and follows the route of the old railway.
About 1.20 km (~0.75 miles) from
OS Grid SY667760
At Ferrybridge, leave the trail and cross the water. The trail restarts on the other side.
About 2.12 km (~1.32 miles) from
OS Grid SY678745
Follow through Osprey Quay, which is a haven for coastal flowers. In April, the thrift creates a beautiful pink landscape.
About 1.84 km (~1.14 miles) from
OS Grid SY685739
The next section follows an old track along which wagons and horses brought stone from the quarries. Look for the footpath opposite the roundabout, just off Castletown Road.
About 0.91 km (~0.57 miles) from
OS Grid SY695729
The footpath climbs up into Verne Local Nature Reserve, which overlooks a prison!
About 1.37 km (~0.85 miles) from
OS Grid SY700725
The path heads to the bottom of Yeates Incline past Nicodemus Knob, a stub of unquarried rock.
About 0.72 km (~0.45 miles) from
OS Grid SY702717
The footpath heads towards the coast and heads south past Durdle Pier. Take the steep steps down to rejoin the disused railway line. And look out for the feral goats which live around here.
About 0.82 km (~0.51 miles) from
OS Grid SY697709
Follow the coastal path to Church Ope Cave on the coast. From here, take the path into Easton for the bus back to Weymouth.
About 1.04 km (~0.65 miles) from

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Paul T
19 Feb 2016
Incorrect Name

Point 9 is Church Ope Cove, not cave!

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