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Snowdon via Miners' Track

A moderate walk (mountain (above 600m)) in national park Snowdonia starting and finishing in Gwynedd, Wales, about 11.20km (6.96 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 5:15h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 665m (2181ft)
Descent 921m (3021ft)
Max. Elevation 1030m (3379ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 1586m (5202ft)
Llanberis, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales
Distance 11.20km
Duration ~5:15h
Ordnance Survey Map
1Created by driver 16 on 02 Jun 2012
Once again, Jarrold short walks in Snowdonia, Book 14, Walk No. 19, along the old track that the miners built to reach the copper mines, today one of the most popular ways to ascend Snowdon with mountain tracks, lakes, high mountains, old mine workings and buildings.  Buses from Bangor to Llanberis are quite frequent, buses run up Llanberis Pass to Pen-y-Pass, the start of the walk.

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The walk begins along the broad track clearly heading away from the car park, originally used to bring copper down from the mines and soon passes the first of 3 lakes encountered on the walk, Llyn Teyrn on way to waypoint 2.
OS Grid SH634545
Passing Llyn Teyrn, a hollow scooped out by glacial erosion, thought to be named after a local prince. On the shores are the ruins of barracks used by the miners. As the track continues to the causeway, so, Y Lliwedd, a twin-peaked summit appears on the left. Turning the corner, discover the largest lake, Llyn Llydaw (Brittany Lake), at the far end of which the distinctive cone of Snowdon rises. This causeway, constructed during the 19th century, was much lower than at present and given to frequent flooding. Cross to waypoint 3, see the great red wall of Crib Goch (goch is Welsh for red) towering above.
About 1.62 km (~1.01 miles) from
OS Grid SH629545
Follow track along the shore of Llyn Llydaw to reach old mine buildings, the main site of industrial activity in the area. Beyond the mine buildings the track climbs quite steeply to reach the next lake, Llyn Glaslyn, waypoint 4.
About 0.55 km (~0.34 miles) from
OS Grid SH619546
Waters tinted by copper ore, once known as Llyn y Ffynnon Las (Lake of the Green Fountain) and said to be inhabited by a monster which once lived in a pool near Betws-y-Coed, but caused such havoc that they carted it by oxen to this lake. Because of the monster it is said that no bird will fly completely across the lake, but always divert away. Climb past waterfall; having had it easy up to now, you are in for a nice surprise on the way to waypoint 5.
About 0.99 km (~0.62 miles) from
OS Grid SH615548
After rambling along by the lakes, you are now confronted by a winding climb up thousands (no exaggeration) of stone steps to join the Pyg Track and the last stage of walk to the Summit, and waypoint 6.
About 0.49 km (~0.3 miles) from
OS Grid SH609543
On a clear day it is well worth the effort. There is a cafe / visitor centre for refreshments. To descend, I suggest following the railway track back down into Llanberis. Always allow 5 hours at least for both ways and as the weather can change without warning, and take warm clothing, map, compass, whistle, torch etc.
About 0.75 km (~0.47 miles) from
OS Grid SH577601
Once again, hope you enjoyed as much as I did.
About 6.58 km (~4.09 miles) from

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