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Sgurr an Utha and Glenn Donn

A moderate walk (mountain (above 600m)) in Highlands, Scotland, about 16.80km (10.44 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 7:15h. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 812m (2664ft)
Descent 794m (2604ft)
Max. Elevation 240m (787ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 1606m (5268ft)
Start & End
Glenfinnan, Inverness-Shire, Scotland
Distance 16.80km
Duration ~7:15h
10Created by plynn on 10 Jun 2012
A largely pathless walk up a steep ridge from Glenfinnan station over many small crags to a confusing summit plateau to reach Sgurr an Utha. The exceptional views are worth the effort. The descent and traverse into Glenn Donn are also pathless and little frequented. Glenn Donn itself and the views of Loch Beoraid are again ample reward. The final four miles back to Glenfinnan are on well defined tracks and an estate road. With the lack of paths and many minor ups and downs on the hills the walk will take longer than expected.

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OS Grid NM897809
Leave Glenfinnan station on the viaduct trail (under reconstruction in May 2012).Once on the open hill, leave the trail at a convenient point to follow the ridge line of Tom na h'Aire
OS Grid NM901815
By keeping to the ridge line go through a gate in the deer fence.
About 0.74 km (~0.46 miles) from
OS Grid NM902824
After ascending the ridge by scrambling up or bypassing small crags, reach a gap in the ridge where two streams originate. Great views open up of Streap and Sgurr Thuilm. Continue upwards towards Fraoch Bheinn.
About 0.93 km (~0.58 miles) from
OS Grid NM885839
The summit of the walk and views now open out to the west to Eigg, Rum and Skye. Descend W then SW down the ridge towards the Allt feith a Chatha
About 2.34 km (~1.45 miles) from
OS Grid NM866831
On reaching the stream turn N to follow a faint path towards the watershed.
About 2.07 km (~1.29 miles) from
OS Grid NM864837
At the watershed there is an iron gate , the fence either side being broken down and disused. Go through (or around!) the gate and follow the stream N towards Kinlochbeoraid.
About 0.61 km (~0.38 miles) from
OS Grid NM865844
On reaching some birchwood at the top of a steep descent turn NE to contour along the steep tussocky slope beneath the crags of Sgurr an Utha. Try not to descend too far, keeping just below the lowest crags.
About 0.71 km (~0.44 miles) from
OS Grid NM875847
Gleann Donn is an impressive valley bentween the crags on each side. Climb up to the top of the pass and start the descent on the other side. After a while you will find a well engineered but neglected track on the N side of the stream.
About 1.02 km (~0.63 miles) from
OS Grid NM909845
The track passes to the right of Glenfinnan Lodge and joins the estate road down to Glenfinnan. Follow this down as far as the viaduct.
About 3.42 km (~2.13 miles) from
OS Grid NM909813
At the viaduct turn right through a gate to join the other end of the viaduct trail from which the walk started. Follow the trail with good views of the Glenfinnan Monument and Loch Shiel back to the station
About 3.13 km (~1.94 miles) from
OS Grid NM899809
The walk end here and you may be in time for tea at the Glenfinnan Dining car.
About 1.16 km (~0.72 miles) from

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