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Corrour to Rannoch - a remote walk in Scotland

A moderate walk (mountain (above 600m)) starting and finishing in Highland, Scotland, about 25.28km (15.71 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 7:45. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Gain 585m (1919ft)
Loss 691m (2267ft)
Max. Elevation 580m (1902ft)
Elevation (total) 1276m (4186ft)
Corrour Station
Bridge of Ericht
Distance 25.28km
Duration ~7:45
Car Free Walks TeamCreated by Timwoods on 23 Sep 2009
This walk is a great way to appreciate the lonely, wild landscape around Rannoch Moor. The footpath, sometimes called the Road to the Isles, runs between Corrour Station (the most remote in the UK) and Rannoch Station. It's popular with day trippers touring on the West Highland Railway, but make sure you come prepared - the moor is no place to get lost! There are facilities at either end - a pub/cafe at Corrour Station, and a team room at Rannoch Station, with a pub nearby.

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Walk Map


OS Grid NN356664
Take the train to Corrour Station - the perfect place to start any car-free walk. On the eastern side of the station, a track leads down to Loch Ossian Youth Hostel.
Past Meall na Lice About 2.81 km (~1.75 miles) from
OS Grid NN383671
The track heads past the craggy blob of Meall na Lice, steadily climbing through the heathery ground.
Path below Carn Dearg About 2.34 km (~1.45 miles) from
OS Grid NN398654
After about 100m of climbing, the path changes course to head due south along the flanks of Carn Dearg. It's pretty easy to follow, but does get a bit boggy - pity those who came in trainers!
Carn Dearg About 2.14 km (~1.33 miles) from
OS Grid NN418660
For an energetic side trip, leave the path and ascend Carn Dearg (941m) and its neighbour Sgor Gaibhre (955m).
Sgor Gaibhre About 2.90 km (~1.8 miles) from
OS Grid NN444674
There's a clear path across the saddle between the two hills. And great views from the summit.
Back to Carn Dearg About 3.25 km (~2.02 miles) from
OS Grid NN416657
Return across the saddle and drop down to Old Corrour Lodge, back on the drovers' path.
Corrour Old Lodge About 1.38 km (~0.86 miles) from
OS Grid NN407647
This building is a ruin, and used to be lived in by people who managed the Corrour Estate for shooting. A good place to stop for lunch, and enjoy the scenery of Rannoch Moor to the south.
Towards Rannoch About 3.27 km (~2.03 miles) from
OS Grid NN428622
The path continues at a steady height, heading past Sron Leachid a' Chaorainn, which stretches out from Carn Dearg.
Fords About 1.98 km (~1.23 miles) from
OS Grid NN436604
The path crosses the Allt Eigheach, from which point it becomes a wider track again. Keep heading south towards Rannoch.
Shelter Stone About 2.82 km (~1.75 miles) from
OS Grid NN447578
Near to where the path meets the B846 road are the Heart Stone and the Frog stone, where the cattle drovers who used to wander these moors sheltered on their way to and from Glencoe.
Rannoch Station About 2.39 km (~1.49 miles) from
OS Grid NN423579
Finish at Rannoch Station, a thriving metropolis compared to Corrour, with its tea room, car park and visitor centre. Pop into the nearby Moor of Rannoch for a pint, or the station tea room for a fresh brew while you wait for your train home.

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