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Farthing Downs and New Hill

A leisurely walk (countryside) in City of London, England, about 4.10km (2.55 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 1:15h. It is suitable for families with children, but unsuitable for prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 45m (147ft)
Descent 46m (150ft)
Max. Elevation 150m (492ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 91m (297ft)
Start & End
Coulsdon South station
Distance 4.10km
Duration ~1:15h
Created by Anonymous Walker on 01 Jul 2014
One of Surrey's many fine short walks, this breath-of-fresh-air is easily reached from the capital and the chalk downlands will provide welcome respite. Part of the route follows the London Loop, and you can easily extend the walk by following this to stations further on. www.walklondon.org.uk/route.asp?R=5

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OS Grid TQ298590
Take the train to Coulsdon South. Maybe enjoy a cup of coffee on the journey, we need to treat ourselves every now and then.
OS Grid TQ299589
From the station take the footpath to Downs Road, from where you can pick up the London Loop.
About 0.11 km (~0.07 miles) from
OS Grid TQ298578
The London Loop sticks to the road, passing firstly through an Iron Age field system. But you can wander around the slopes of the downs, looking for the wild flowers that thrive on the chalky soil.
About 1.08 km (~0.67 miles) from
OS Grid TQ301573
Veer east towards Happy Valley, then over to New Hill. You could continue along the London Loop from here, if you want a longer walk.
About 0.59 km (~0.37 miles) from
OS Grid TQ305576
Head down New Hill, through the patches of ancient woodland, then veer towards Chaldon Way.
About 0.46 km (~0.29 miles) from
OS Grid TQ301578
Cross over Chaldon Way back to the northern end of Farthing Downs.
About 0.45 km (~0.28 miles) from
OS Grid TQ298589
Retrace your steps back to the station. There are plenty of pubs in Coulsdon.
About 1.15 km (~0.71 miles) from

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