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Little Orme to Penrhynside

A leisurely walk (countryside) in Clwyd, Wales, about 4.70km (2.92 mi) long with an estimated walking time of about 1:30h. It is suitable for families with children, but unsuitable for prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs.
Elevation Profile
Ascent 127m (416ft)
Descent 127m (416ft)
Max. Elevation 110m (360ft)
Altitude Gain & Loss 254m (832ft)
Start & End
Penrhyn Bay
Distance 4.70km
Duration ~1:30h
Ordnance Survey Map
1Created by driver 16 on 15 May 2013
Follow the Wales Coast Path to Angel Bay, where seals are often seen, and around the Little Orme with its spectacular views and flower-rich limestone grassland. Head back through Penrhynside Woods.

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OS Grid SH817816
Head off into the housing estate, keeping left to find Penrhyn Close on your left. Enter and head into the top-right corner to find an entrance onto the Wales Coast Path.
OS Grid SH818820
The path is well signposted and easy to follow. Head past an old quarry to Angel Bay, where seals can often be seen, with pups early in the year.
About 0.41 km (~0.25 miles) from
OS Grid SH818827
I hope you're lucky enough to see a seal or two.
About 0.67 km (~0.42 miles) from
OS Grid SH818825
As mentioned, the path is well signposted so it's easy to find the path to the summit of the hill. It's a steep climb to start, but gets easier after the initial climb.
About 0.18 km (~0.11 miles) from
OS Grid SH815824
Enjoy the spectacular views: east over Penrhyn Bay, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay towards Rhyl and the Clwydian Hills; west over Llandudno and Anglesey; south over the River Conwy and Snowdonia.
About 0.31 km (~0.19 miles) from
OS Grid SH813821
Turn left, but don't try to cross the road here – it's too busy with no clear view. Go to the top of the dual carriageway and cross with care, one lane at a time. Across the road, look for the 'Llandudno welcomes you' sign.
About 0.40 km (~0.25 miles) from
OS Grid SH814819
Take the road opposite, up hill into Penrhynside village. Pass two pubs – will power required – to where the road splits. Take the road on the right.
About 0.23 km (~0.14 miles) from
OS Grid SH812814
Follow the footpath sign uphill in between houses. This takes you into Gloddaeth Woods, where you should find and follow the stone boundary wall of Gloddaeth Hall.
About 0.52 km (~0.32 miles) from
OS Grid SH807812
You should see another stone boundary wall ahead; turn left before this wall into a field, where there is a school and the start of a housing estate in the distance. Cross the field.
About 0.50 km (~0.31 miles) from
OS Grid SH811812
Climb over the stile. The path ahead can be tricky in very wet weather, but there are other ways round. If it's dry, take this path through another nice wood to the road down from the village.
About 0.39 km (~0.24 miles) from
OS Grid SH813814
Turn left and see a gravel drive on the right. Take this and follow it between houses and a caravan park, which brings you down to Penrhyn Old Hall. There is a club, pub and restaurant here, which have been in the same family for at least 45 years (as I know from experience of many happy hours when it was a nightclub). It's now run by Guy behind the bar and Kim in the restaurant, an excellent chef with a local following. It's worth a visit and caters for parties and skittle nights.
About 0.25 km (~0.16 miles) from
OS Grid SH816816
This was a walk that turned out to be better than advertised, I would recommend to anyone.
About 0.37 km (~0.23 miles) from

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