September 2015

The wild paradise of Knoydart

These two mountains, which guard the easterly edge of the peninsular, offer a tantalising glimpse of what lies beyond.

During the intervening years I have probably added in a few wisps of cloud to the image, and deepened the hue of the colours. But the sensation was clear: I knew I had to return and explore the land beyond those hills. Each New Year was marked by a resolution to head to Knoydart, and each year something else – often a trip elsewhere in Scotland – took place instead. But this year, shortly after learning that I would become a father for the first time, I made good on my promise to myself and booked a ticket to Glenfinnan. As the train chuntered north, however, a small, nagging...

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June 2015

Carrying a compass: what’s the point?

I carried it on all my fledgling cycling adventures over the Sussex Downs and I seem to recall taking it on a family holiday to Cornwall "just in case".

I didn’t sleep with it under my pillow, but I did consider it part of my family's essential survival cache should Armageddon hit the South Coast unexpectedly. The thing was, I never actually knew how to use it. It wasn't until my University days and our regular trips out to the moors of the South West that I began to hone my skills. The fog can be thick down there at times and it didn’t take too many trips out to realise the wisdom of expanding my navigational repertoire - whether for the quick reassurance of heading in ‘roughly’ the...

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February 2015

A pick of the paths up Snowdon

Llanberis Path Llanberis is the kick-off point for its namesake path, and the town has many attractions.

One of these is the Electric Mountain, which pumps water from the lake up to a reservoir above at night (the off-peak period), then at times of high demand e.g. the end of Coronation Street or an international football match, it lets the water run down to turbines to generate enough electricity to cope with the extra demand. There are tours starting from the main visitor centre (these are very popular, and you may have to wait at busy times).  Other spots to take in include the slate museum, the lakeside railway, steam and motorboat rides on Llyn Padarn, Dolbadarn Castle, the miners' hospital...

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