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June 2015

Carrying a compass: what’s the point?

The first bit of proper outdoor kit I ever owned was a Silva compass. I paid for it from my paper round earnings, picked it up in Millets and treasured it greatly

I carried it on all my fledgling cycling adventures over the Sussex Downs and I seem to recall taking it on a family holiday to Cornwall "just in case". I didn’t sleep with it under my pillow, but I did consider it part of my family's essential survival cache should Armageddon hit the South Coast unexpectedly.
February 2015

A pick of the paths up Snowdon

There are many routes up Wales’ highest mountain and they all have their attractions? How best to choose between them? Well, maybe it’s best to start at the bottom…

Llanberis Path Llanberis is the kick-off point for its namesake path, and the town has many attractions. One of these is the Electric Mountain, which pumps water from the lake up to a reservoir above at night (the off-peak period), then at times of high demand e.g. the end of Coronation Street or an international football match . . .
February 2015

Between two Cairngorms colossi

Is Ben Macdui worth writing home (or a blog post) about?

Many would say not; Scotland’s second-highest summit is merely the highest nubbin on a flattish plateau in the Cairngorms. No wafer-thin ridge or heady climb to get the pulse racing, just a trudge along a wide, rock-strewn path. It may reach 1309 metres, but you can get a railway or ski lift up most of its height, if you walk over from Cairn Gorm.

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