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November 2010

The night train

Getting your head down on the move

Some people might think it unwise to plan a trip to the hills more than two days in advance, let alone two months. But being southern in address, frugal by nature and a non-driver by choice, there is little I can do but throw caution to the wind and commit to the uncertainties of the Scottish weather and plan my adventures early.
October 2010

Looping around London

Round the edge of the big city

Walking boots, check. Scarf and woolly hat, check. Oyster card, check. Swipe card for work... I'll leave that one behind today. It feels odd donning waterproofs on a weekday morning, but the occasional midweek day off is one advantage of working shifts.
July 2010

What's on the rocks?

Scotland's stunning coastline never fails to deliver

Four miles of road walking. Doesn't sound a great day out, but I'm not the only one trudging the tarmac along the Arisaig coast road. At each small bay and cove, people with cameras and binoculars peer expectantly out to sea. And with good reason … this is one of the UK's otter hotspots.

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