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July 2010

What's on the rocks?

Scotland's stunning coastline never fails to deliver

Four miles of road walking. Doesn't sound a great day out, but I'm not the only one trudging the tarmac along the Arisaig coast road. At each small bay and cove, people with cameras and binoculars peer expectantly out to sea. And with good reason … this is one of the UK's otter hotspots.
May 2010

Getting away from them all

Seeking a bit of peace and quiet

I go walking to get away from other people. Not completely – a cheery ‘hello’ is always welcome, as is a good walking partner (i.e. one who doesn’t talk too much) – but, like many walkers, I want to avoid the crowds. I want to ‘get away from it all’, ‘head off the beaten track’ and other such clichés.
February 2010

A Scottish winter wonderland

Just hear those red deer singaling, ring ting tingaling too

During the winter months in Scotland, the weather can change hourly and only a fool would pre-empt the forecast more than a day in advance.However, on this occasion, good luck was the reward for some advanced planning and the three of us were provided with some of the best mountain days ever experienced.

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